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    Sony sc-hx9 AVCHD imported to PE shows as .mts file - plays with no sound


      After searching forums with no luck, sorry if this is a repeat - I'm new to video processing.

      System: Win Xp - Pent 4, 4 gb ram, separate USB, HD video/phot drive - New Sony dsc-HX9v camera


      ISSUE: No sound on video imported via PE


      I can use Sony PMB to import my AVCHD video and it creates 3 files: (as viewed in Windows Explorer)

      1. 20111212094909 (no extn) - MPEG 2 transport stream
      2. 20111212094909.m2ts - MODD file
      3. 20111212094909.m2ts.moff - MOFF file

      (The prefix is yr/mth/date/video #)


      This video plays using PMB with sound

      Played in PE it has NO sound?


      I tried importing using Elements 9:


      E9 shows on import manager as:12/12/2011 9.32am 00000.MTS

      Once import is complete, in Windows Explorer their are 2 files:

      1. 00000 (no extn) - MTS file
      2. 00000.MTS.Moff


      This video plays using PMB with sound (it did not appear to have any quality issues v's the m2ts file in PMB - I'm lost!!)

      Played in PE it has NO sound?


      I'm confused as to why PMB has 3 files & PE 2 files?


      Any help on how to get sound in PE?


      Any tips on what is best - I'd rather use one software than multiples?


      Thanks Dennis