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    Godaddy drops ColdFusion - ISP Recommendations?

    ACS LLC Level 1

      We just got notice that Godaddy is going to stop supporting ColdFusion on Novebmer 29th 2011, not a whole lot of time to relocate to a new service provider


      Can anybody out there recommend a good, preferably large ISP that they have had good experiences with? We need CF8 and MS SQL





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          Joshua Cyr Level 3

          HosTek or gowesthosting.

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            TheSBA_Web Services Level 1



            The Small Business Authroity offers affordable and very stable ColdFusion hosting as well. We've been hosting CF for years (under our previous name, CrystalTech).


            Along with knowledgable 24/7/365 support, our shared plans also provide SQL space....and we have no plans to ever drop CF!


            Good Luck,

            Tommy Weber

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              sallison72 Level 1

              I have been very pleased with Hosting.com, they are probably the largest CF host in the country and have great shared, vm, and deticated packages.

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                Sandy R Level 1

                I have been with http://www.hostingatoz.com for several years.

                They are cheap and very very good hosting provider for Personal sites. Highly recommended.

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                  insuractive Level 3

                  I remember seeing a good thread on recommendations including some good details about the different options out there on Ben Nadel's site: http://www.bennadel.com/

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                    thomas mcauley Level 1

                    Absolutely. ICG Link has been hosting sites since '95 and have supported every sort of language including ColdFusion since its inception. They've not only survived but have thrived through the Internet bubble and two market crashes. I know from a good source they're NOT planning on dropping that support until the last customer is gone. They're top-shelf and double redundant. I don't think they're going anywhere.


                    I was thinking ColdFusion was going to drop off after GoDaddy's announcement, but it seems more than a few customers aren't taking this as a death knell but as an opportunity to catch the folks who have been, in effect, dropped. When I searched  GoDaddy ColdFusion Support I got pages like this: http://www.icglink.net/godaddy-coldfusion-support.html


                    The fact they're actively recruiting ColdFusion clients is a good sign for CF.

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                      TWeber_TheSBA Level 1

                      GoDaddy has always treated ColdFusion like it was some type of an add-on service. You could spend hours pointing out the good and bad GoDaddy has done for the hosting industry (this obviously isn't the proper place for it), but they are not the only host out there.


                      Most reputable CF hosts have no plans to drop it. We want those hosting at GoDaddy to know that they can easily find a new home for their websites...http://cpc.thesba.com/coldfusion/godaddy/...and they don't have to abandon those sites or start over with a different programming language.


                      Just because GoDaddy no longer suppots CF does not mean it is a dead platform at all!

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                        ACS LLC Level 1

                        Godaddy's connectivity has been pretty stable, and we had all of our domains there, so I decided to go for the easiest option which was to stick with them, and set up one of their virtual servers. It was actually very, very easy to get everything back up to speed, and inexpensive, so far so good. We've had a few server slow downs which I can only put down to somebody taking more than their fair share of resources, but over all it's worked out very well, and having our own 'server' so to speak has made life much easier, now that there are no restrictions on CF functions, with the ability to add our own tags etc..etc



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                          Michael G. Workman Level 1

                          If you are looking for a new hosting service that supports ColdFusion, a good place to look is the list of ColdFusion partner hosters on the ADOBE website.


                          Do not feel that you have to abandon ColdFusion, which is a great platform for rapid web app development and it supports XML and webservices. Some other paltforms may be in wide usage but that does not mean ColdFusion is lacking, it is not. There are still plenty of hosting providers who support ColdFusion.


                          At the following link on the ADOBE website is a list ColdFusion hosters:



                          Hope this helps.


                          Michael G. Workman




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                            Capt Obvious Level 1

                            Ben forta's site has a good ISP review section that has always been pretty reliable.




                            if you are looking for quiality (as apposed to cheap) cfhosting in the UK then I recommend trying www.cfmxhosting.co.uk, they really know CF well and have great reviews on fortas site.

                            ColdFusion 5 is even still supported.


                            Avoid hosts who just offer Coldfusion, this is not really the same as supporting it, most of the hosts that offer it simply install it on the server but know sod all about how to support it, a lot like GoDaddy also only run CF professional ediiton which has no sandboxing, so either they have to disable lots of tags and functions, or they leave them enabled resulting in a totally insecure server where customers can read/write/delete each other files.

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                              Adam Cameron. Level 5
                              if you are looking for quiality (as apposed to cheap) cfhosting in the UK then I recommend trying www.cfmxhosting.co.uk, they really know CF well and have great reviews on fortas site.


                              You probably should have added some "disclosure" there, RussL: it seems to me like that's your company.


                              Director of Operations at BlueThunder Internet Ltd


                              "CFMX Hosting (soon to be BlueThunder Hosting)"


                              There's nothing wrong with promoting yourself, but I think you should be up front about it.  Otherwise it might seem like you're a bit disingenuous.




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                                ACS LLC Level 1

                                So Russ, you must be a Brit, only a Brit would say "know sod all about it" (I'm also a Brit living in Sunny Orlando)


                                As I posted a little while ago, I decided to just get a Godaddy virtual server, it's worked out ok, I've got a ticket in with them now about performance as the performance is a little questionable, they don't seem to have the ability, or choose not to allocate fixed CPU resources to each V.S. so if somebody else on the hardware is hammering it, it has the potential to slow up my server. Once I release to site we'll find out how it stands up.


                                The also have dedicate servers with plenty of guts that I could move to.


                                What I like about them is that they are so large that they are able to provide a strong infrastructure, so we never have any connectivity issues.



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                                  Capt Obvious Level 1

                                  Hi Adam,


                                  This is why I always point people at ben fortas ISP review page so they can make their own decision. It is always best to consider the opinions of existing customers.

                                  Unlike most host review sites which are fake scam sites that simply rate whatever hosts are paying them the most advertising, Ben's site does not have any advertising so the reviews are more likkely to be legit.

                                  In most cases the reviewers also list their website, so you can also contact them directly for feedback if you think the reviews make not be legit.



                                  With regards to VPS or cloud hosting, it is important to know the difference between contended and untended, somehting most hosts will not advertise as they do not want you to know.


                                  Contended is the cheapest option and is what most other hosts provide, this is where you do not get a dedicated CPU, instead the CPU and sometimes memory is shared among all the Virtual Servers on the machine on a first come first served basis. This means that you may have limited resources and poor performance as you have no idea how many other VSP's may be on the machine and sharing the CPU with you and thus the performance of your web application may suffer considerably at busy times or permanently if there are too many other virtual machines fighting for it..

                                  Un-contended is the better option and is what we recommend for high availability and resource hungry applications. This gives you a dedicated 1 or more CPU cores and thus a guaranteed service level as no other VPS will be able to use your dedicated CPU cores. This also limits the number of virtual machines per physical server resulting in better overall performance and reliability. Typical usage is web application server, database server, mail server.

                                  We do also provide the cheaper contended solution, we however have a very small 1:3 contention ratio, this means that no more than 3 VPS's will ever share the same CPU and you have a guaranteed availability of 33% burstable up to 100% depending on usage.
                                  Contended (shared) is suitable for simple applications, low resource usage apps or as a backup or development server. Suggested uses include: basic web server, SMTP/post server. stats server, web development or source control server.


                                  most hosts will offer contended but will not advertise this, you will note that their VPS specs usually do not mention how many CPU's you get, which means it is contended, but by how much you will probably never know.

                                  If the price seems too good to be true, then it usually is, bulk hosts will cram as many VPS's onto a single server as possible to maximise income, especially if they ar eusing VMWARE which is very expesnive.


                                  hope that helps