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    Word has not been started on this computer

      I have the Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Microsoft Office 2007 installed on my office computer. My operating system is Windows Vista. In RoboHelp HTML, I have been trying to generate printed documentation through the Single Source Layouts, but I receive the following error message every time: "Microsoft Word has not been started on this computer. Launch Word and click the 'Start using Microsoft Word' option before generating Printed Documentation again."

      I have indeed opened Word--many times in fact--and I don't see an option for "Start using Microsoft Word," so I'm stumped.

      I am an administrator on the computer, and I installed both Office 2007 and TCS, in that order, on my system.

      In attempting to resolve the problem, I have
      - Tried to generate printed documentation for both old and new projects
      - Tried generating .doc, .docx, and .pdf files.
      - Uninstalled TCS and Office 2007 and reinstalled them, with Office 2007 first and then TCS.
      - Enabled all macros in Word 2007.
      - Removed PDFMaker.dot, according to the suggestion on in the Print Issues section of Peter Grainge's Web site.

      None of these attempts has corrected the problem. Interestingly, though, I can import a Word file into my RoboHelp
      HTML project just fine.

      If anyone has any suggestions for how to resolve this problem, I would be most grateful.
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