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        I have a brand new Sony Vaio laptop using an Nvidia GT 520M graphics card, and yet I am experiencing this exact problem with my Esc key. This clearly isn't an ATI issue in my case.


        I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and Adobe Photoshop CS4 64-bit. If I close Photoshop normal Esc key functionality returns... that points to Photoshop as being related to the problem. You can try to shift the blame to other parties if you want, but you can't deny that the Esc key works perfectly when Photoshop isn't running.

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          Ok, but what about this then:


          - Brand new install of Windows 7 Professional x64 nl_NL

          - Only nVidia WHQL latest drivers (no control panel).

          - Installed all Windows Updates that were offered

          - Installed all the Adobe updates that were offered.


          Esc key still not working in other applications when Photoshop CS4 is running!


          For the love of sanity, at least admit there could be a possability that this "feature" is'nt exclusively third party related, and I'm stating it very nice, I believe.


          Unfortunately, it's all too late, CS5 upgrade is the only real sollution aparently and I can't afford it right now.

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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            Intel chipset users should look at this post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1636488#1636488 ricght-click on your intel GMA icon in the system tray , and check "disable hotkeys" OR in the intel drivers settings, uncheking rotate displays did the trick for the same user.

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              I am also having this problem, however, it is with a much larger problem in my specific case.

              For nearly six(6) months now, I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 since I purchased the program with my Wacom Pen and Touch art tablet, and for a while the program worked fine. Recently, I have been having a recurring problem with the functions of my keyboard keys such as my 'esc', 'crtl', 'alt', 'Capslock', and even the function command keys either malfunctioning, being broken, and even switching command functions in a random pattern(ie. the 'Delete' key will become both Delete and F3/4/5 simultaneously.). This only happens when Photoshop Elements is running, and the problems only get worse when the Elements Editor is opened. I have attempted to perform the suggestions found in this forum topic, however the Shift+Esc command does not work for me when I use it. Again, this only happens when I am running Photoshop Elements.

              As of late, I have been experiencing crashes in your software that are now beginning to delete my saved images. The deck for Elements 8 works fine, and I have not had any problems with the Organizer, aside from the breaking of certain key commands. However, when the Elements 8 Editor is opened, immediatly after initializing the UI the program crashes and deletes or corrupts any file I am trying to open. Recently I have started creating duplicates of my remaining PSD files because the program is corrupting PSD files at random apparently on my computer every time it crashes. I have already had a full system failure as a result to your software crashing.


              I have never had this problem with any other software. This problem is isolated to Photoshop specifically, and is a software malfunction, apparently unrelated to any specific drivers and processors. I have been advised by others to 'upgrade' to a newer version of Photoshop, however to preempt this, my answer is the same as all others: I have limited funds, and I do not have the money to upgrade to a newer version of an already faulty software.

              I rely on your software heavily right now as I am trying to get into school, and this unreliable software is creating a serious problem for me.


              I run Photoshop Elements 8 on Windows 7 Starter with a 1.67Ghz Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.


              I would like a solution to this problem, not a patch, seeing as the most expensive photo-editing software on the market is quickly beginning to take up actions that I suspect are the work of a malicious program.

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                Adding another case to the list here....


                I am running Photoshop CS3 on Vista 64 and just recently started having this same issue.

                I am not sure what the exact change would have been, but it started happening less than a month ago.


                ...I close PS CS3 and the problem goes away.


                I am already in the midst of upgradding my whole system, hardware and software to Win 7x64 and CS 5.5, so it is not a crisis for me. But as I live in Photoshop and Illustrator most of the time, a non functioning escape key is pretty frustrating. If I can help diagnose the problem, let me know.

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                  DC Cardwell

                  Thanks so much for the tool, IntelliSerge! This issue has been driving me nuts for a long time and I never made the connection with Photoshop until today. I wondered why I couldn't ESC out of Irfanview, which I often have running to preview files before opening them in Photoshop.


                  The tool fixes it admirably. Well done!


                  - DC

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

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                      I use Photoshop Elements 10 and I recently ran into this bug as well. My machine's specs are as follows:


                      Lenovo Yoga 13

                      64-bit Windows 8

                      Integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

                      Driver Version


                      It actually wasn't until recently that I started encountering this escape blocking bug - probably around the time I updated my graphics driver. Elements10 has been great for a student on a budget, but blocking the escape key is a big no-no. I should note that for me, it even blocked the escape key within the application itself which was a real problem when it came to quickly clearing the selection. I can also confirm that using the Text Tool would re-enable the escape key until exiting text edit mode. Disabling hotkeys on the Intel Graphics Driver did not fix the issue.


                      I've never been one to just let an error be, so I did some digging with Spy++ and found that whenever Photoshop is running in the background and you hit the escape key, it receives a WM_HOTKEY message. Doing a bit of investigating over at MSDN, it turns out that the functions related to WM_HOTKEY are User32.RegisterHotkey and User32.UnregisterHotkey. While the documentation doesn't explicitly state it, it appears that any hotkeys registered using these functions will install a global override that will prevent the normal operation of the key combination from registering (briefly mentioned here). To test this, I whipped up a small program that registered a hotkey onto the escape key and sure enough, running the program blocked the regular use of the escape key anywhere in the operating system.


                      Digging a little deeper, I hooked up a debugger to Photoshop and looked for places where these two functions were called. From what I was able to comprehend, Photoshop will register an escape hotkey (under ID 63) whenever something is loading, and then unregister the hotkey after it has finished loading. From a user interface standpoint, this makes a certain degree of sense as a global hotkey will allow the user to abort a loading operation even if the main window has been locked and is not receiving input. Because you never keep the hotkey registered longer than a few moments, the fact that it overrides the escape key normally wouldn't be noticed. However, that's obviously not the case here. The exact point of failure seems to be around startup just after the splash screen has vanished and the main window has been shown. At this point, Photoshop will register a hotkey over the escape key, but then it will never unregister it. Not only that, but because of this error, a certain flag in the program will never get set - so even though using the text tool will unlock the escape key temporarily, the erroneous behavior will resume once you stop using it. My trail runs cold at this point as it is difficult to trace the reason for something that's not happening.


                      I am unsure what causes versions of Photoshop before CS5 to never unregister the escape hotkey, or how it relates to drivers, plugins, or other applications. However, my focus thus far has been finding a fix for the problem for my version of Photoshop. While I was not able to find the exact reason for the bug, I was able to do the next best thing by preventing Photoshop from ever setting the hotkey in the first place. The fix I developed only overrides the place where the bug would normally occur (i.e. that short amount of time at startup). Anywhere else will still operate and apply hotkeys as normal.


                      Therefore, if you are a user of Photoshop Elements 10, you may apply the following patch manually to fix the issue:



                      Tag:    02 C6 45 FC 00 E8 46 78 5E 00 8D 4D B4 C7 45 FC FF FF FF FF E8 C7 9A 5E 00 8B C6 8B 4D F4 64 89 0D 00 00 00 00 59 5F 5E 5B 8B E5 5D C2 10 00 CC

                      Patch: 02 C6 45 FC 00 90 90 90 90 90 8D 4D B4 C7 45 FC FF FF FF FF E8 C7 9A 5E 00 8B C6 8B 4D F4 64 89 0D 00 00 00 00 59 5F 5E 5B 8B E5 5D C2 10 00 CC

                      (5 bytes difference)


                      I hope this information helps anyone else down the road who encounters this problem.



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