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    Create a PDF Form that populates an Excel spreadsheet?

    phill_r Level 1

      Hello, I have basic experience with InDesign and would like to do something a bit daunting (don't know if it's even possible).


      I'm coordinating an awards competition where people will fill out a form and I'd like that data to populate an Excel spreadsheet. I also make these forms publicly available so I would need a way to 'lock' the form from being edited.


      I want to layout my form in InDesign and give it a few data fields (e.g. Name, contact information, etc...) and radio buttons (e.g. which awards category would you like to compete in). There are some data fields (e.g. provide background information on your submission) that I do not need populating my Excel spreadsheet.


      The Excel spreadsheet will simply be used for administrative purposes (e.g. keep track of how many people are competing in a specific category).


      Is this possible? Any online tutorials that people can direct me to? Thanks!