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    Video resizing from the browser?

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      I honestly don't know if this can be fixed within Cp, or if its soley an issue with the browser, but either way, if anyone knows or can direct me to the answer, I would be infinitely grateful...


      I am publishing my Cp project and putting it online (Blackboard.com, if that matters), which works fine. The problem is that depending on what resolution the students' monitors are, the video may turn out to be too big or too small. The temporary (but bad) solution I thought of is to post two or three links on Blackboard (Bb), each with a different resolution that the student can choose based on their screen resolution. Here's the key thing that's driving me: A couple months ago, we had it so that when the browser was resized, it resized the Cp video with it. As a result of this, when the browser was full-screen, the Cp video was full-screen within the browser, i.e., no matter what resolution the student had, the Cp video would adjust to it. Here's the problem: For some reason, that stopped happening, and now, the video can't be resized at all within the browser. I know a lot about Cp, but practically nothing about integrating it with websites and stuff, so I'm yet to find out how to reproduce my past success. This is the only major problem with our system so far, and needs to be solved before we can launch, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, it would make me (and my boss) very happy.