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    Encore won't encode some PSD files in Flash

    Mathew Paris

      I have succesfully completed a DVD project on Encore (4.0)  with mpg elements edited in Premier Pro (4.0). A number of slide sequences constructed from jpgs converted

      to pds files in Photoshop (cs5) have been used, plus some (individual, single) text slides, (constructed in Photoshop) have also been included with the DVD project. All of this works

      fine. However, when I render the whole project for Flash, the text files are not included! During the render process the file details are displayed but no yellow progress bar appears.

      The Flash file is prefereable to the DVD as this enables the Flash file to be available from a central common drive or server.

      Can anyone assist me with this? I can find nor reference to these types of issues iether on the forum or anywhere on the net.


      MAC Book Pro 17"

      i5, 4 Gb Ram (Soon be 8)

      Snow Leopard

      Premier Pro 4.0

      Encore 4.0

      Photoshop CS5