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    How can I open a catalog created on Win7 LR 1.4.1 on new Mac with latest LR 3.6 download? Too new!!!

    freewisemen4 Level 1

      Any ideas please...I have transferred the media files and catalogs via my network, definitely onto the pictures folder of my MP 2011 Intel Mac. I go to open the catalog and get this peculiar message saying..


      The Lightroom catalog named “Lightroom 3 Catalog” cannot be opened because it is too new to be used by this version of Lightroom. Would you like to select a different catalog?

      The catalog appears to have been created by a version of Lightroom that is newer than the Lightroom version you are using.


      Is the Mac latest 3.6 version of LR really older and unable to read a latest PC 1.4.1 coded catalog?

      Is there anyway of saving the PC generated Catalog in an older catalog format d=so that a mac with 3.6 LR can read it?


      any answers very greatfully received!!