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    Help Animating A Logo

    ksemple Level 1

      Dear Fellow Forum Users


      I need help animating this Logo, but I don't know how to use After Effects, I used it a couple of times about two years ago. But I have a project am working on now. So I don't have the time now to learn After Effects from scratch, because of time and so many other projects I have to work on.


      So I basically need y'all guys help with a few things I want to do with this logo.


      • I want to triangles to animate coming from the middle of the screen, then they would all line up back in the center, like one by one.
      • Then I want the word New Creations Kind come out of the white background.
      • Three I want to add little motion to the triangles, while there standing and a little extra glare over them.



      Thanks A Lot in advance for the help given guys, may the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you all.




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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          Well, you decided to jump into the deep end of the pool, and HOW!  No knowledge of what must be one of the most complicated applications ever devised... no time to learn... you're really trusting in the Kindness of Strangers here, aren't you?


          And how come you got saddled with this over the observance of the birth of out Lord & Savior Jesus Chrst, anyway?


          Oh, well.


          Make each triangle a separate layer.  Use masks if you must to isolate each triangle.  Align the anchor point so that it rotates properly to align with the ones below it.  Now animate the the rotation property to make them align according to the timing of the animation.


          Animate the opacity of the text to make it appear.  Put everything on a white background; you can either alter the background color or create a white solid, and put it at the bottom of the timeline, making it the bottommost layer.


          If you need any more help than that, you're sunk, I fear.  You might be able to insert a table into a Microsoft Word document just by using the help files, but this is After Effects, a far more sophisticated and complex application.  You can't go into this thinking, "Hey, how tough can it be just to give a couple of instructions?"


          It can be plenty tough, and this may be the day you realize that.

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            ksemple Level 1

            Dave am already lost LOL!!! Guess it looks Like  I will be spending some time reading the help menu and then come back to these instructions that you gave me.


            Thanks A Lot for the help, I will let you know how I get through.


            Other can post their suggestions as well.




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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It's all anchor points and position keyframes. Set the anchor point on each layer at the center of rotation, then set keyframes for position. That's it. It's really basic. You could complicate it by adding a null and parenting or with expressions and sliders, but you can accomplish what you're asking by simply adjusting the anchor point and animating position. Come to think of it, you could also probably do this with a shape layer and a repeater.