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    [.jpg image] is not a valid win 32 application

    Gary Schim Community Member

      PC Win Xp SP3


      Prior to upgrading to CS5 (from CS4) I could couble click on any image, .jpg, .CR2, .DNG, .TIF, .BMP any image file anywhere on my computer and CS4 would open and open the image inside CS4. After upgrading to CS5 I get an annoying error message telling me "[.jpg image] is not a valid win 32 application" I find that hard to believe because all the images were valid Win 32 applications when I was using CS4. I then have to open CS5 and either drag the image to CS5 or Ctrl+O and find the image. It is not a crutial process but It makes be think there may be more amiss that just not being able to open images with a double click.

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          Gary Schim Community Member

          The fix for this ladies and gentlemen is to properly uninstall CS5 and reinstall it. I worked for a few hours today with an Adobe tech who used the remote access process and he tried everything I had tried on my computer to no avail and finally had to uninstall CS5 and reinstall. Although I was a bit surprised when he went to uninstall CS5 without deactivating it first. I stopped him as he move the pointer to "Remove" and told him he needs to deactivate CS5 before removal so I can reinstall it again. That would have been catastrophic. I lost all my actions I had created but I can build up the library again. So it is a relatively easy fix, jut do it.