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    Text editing problem

    M.M.Adema Community Member

      Dear collageteam, entering and editing text does not work well. After altering words, old letters are not removed and not removable. What could be the solution to this?!! With kindest regards, M.Adema

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          AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

          Since we cannot reproduce the problem here, can you give us a little more information so that we can reproduce it here?


          1.       What tablet are you using?


          2.       Are you using an external keyboard?


          3.       Do you see this every time you use the text tool?



          Anubhav Rohatgi

          Product Manager, Adobe Collage

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            M.M.Adema Community Member

            Dear Anubhav Rohatgi,  The tablet is a Samsung GT-P7300, Android version 3.2, using the screen keyboard.   The issue appears only in your program, and everytime I use the text tool. Entering text and removing letters by itself works. But pushing the backspace button or the spacebar sometimes make suggested words entering the text in front of the cursor. After that the cursor is in the middle of the newly placed word and the word that was typed before. After this the cursor cannot be placed at the end of the last word, and this cannot be deleted.  E.g. I did type  cow and gave a spacebar push, with the following result  Cow (space,cursor,Cow) The cursor can now remove the entered first space position by backspace button. Still, the rest (cow) can no longer be removed, and there is no way of entering text following cow.....unless closing everything and  trying again.  With kindest regards, M. Adema

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              AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

              I’m trying this on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it works fine for me.


              Not sure what’s going on here. We’ll debug with more tablets and get back to you.



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                David__B Adobe Employee

                Hi M. Adema,


                Not sure if this is helpful or not, but based on your description, it kinda sounded like the "auto-complete" or "predictive text" feature that is really common on many smartphones and tablets these days. You might check to see if your device has such a setting and try turning it off  to see if it makes any difference. Since its a feature of the tablet I can't say exactly where the setting would be, on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) I got to it from the Gear icon from the tablet keyboard.



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                  Zeroack0834 Community Member

                  Had the same problem on my Toshiba thrive this morning.  Problem solved after switching from Swype keyboard to native Andorid keyboard.  Something with the Predictive text wasn't playing well with Collage.