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    Where's my Serial Number?

    dphoto11 Level 1

      Hello, this morning I received the Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium package as a present and it is a Student/Teacher Education Edition, and I went to the site it told me to, to get my serial number so I can install it on my computer. The site doesn't work, and I can't seem to find the serial number on the package or disk or anything at all. I found the "Produce Code" but that's not it because I obviously can't type LETTERS into the "serial number" entries. Only numerals.  The site the instruction paper told me to go to is http://www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate and yes I did try chrome, safari, AND firefox and the site is either constantly taking beyond forever to load or it says "This site is currently unavailable."


      Please help me, because I'm confused.



      UPDATE (STILL UN-ANSWERED): The site seemed to finally load on safari and I entered my product code and hit "I'm ready for Step 2" now it's not loading at all again.