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    Saving files in folders and to earlier versions


      I've got a couple of things that are driving me crazy (short trip - but still....)


      Why would anyone want a file, or it's pdf, to save into the last folder you were working on instead of current folder you are working in now? When I'm really cranking out data sheet updates and forget to double check I spend extra time hunting down the files I just did. Every time this happens I'm sure some poor person at Adobe feels like his ears are on fire.


      And what a PITB trying to save down to older versions of ID. My company only updates at every other rev so I went from CS3 to CS5. Since we have offices in Europe and Japan everyone needs to upgrade. Europe was no problem. Japan is still running CS3 and only want to upgrade to CS4 because of the companys they work with there in Japan.


      I'm going to have to bring in my CS4 from home and load it on my work computer (which irks me because work did not pay for it) so that I can save the file down to CS3 for Japan.


      I know Adobe wants to sell there new software but d**n you guys are making my life miserable and not too happy with Adobe in general.




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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          The default Save To (and Open, and Place, and Export, and, lemme think, there must be more...) stuff was changed from CS3 to CS4, and I find it hard to believe it was by popular request. It's tremendously annoying. At least you can have ID check the original folders for Relink -- that's in the preferences.


          About the back-saving: you say your company upgrades "every other version". Didn't they have the exact same problem, then, three years ago when they upgraded from CS to CS3? Weren't they please, then, that at least someone else could downsave their documents for them? After all, downsaving only came with CS2-to-CS, before that (ID 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0) it was not possible at all.


          I work in a tiny company, but my boss has always cheerfully agreed to be compatible with our clients, and upgraded every 18 months. We always do our own work exclusively in the latest version -- never needed downsaving.


          You know that every down-save step looses more and more features of the original document? Up to the point where even the text may run differently?

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            1GeorgiaB Level 1

            If your company happily upgrades every 18 mos then you're very lucky Jongware. We went from CS1 to CS2 and then to CS3 and then they decided to wait on the next upgrade because of the economic downturn. At least I stil have my job.


            My Japanese coworker doesn't want to upgrade to CS5 because she says/thinks that most of the vendors they work with in Japan will not upgrade. And it's never easy doing the whole company because the new foreign versions don't always come out at the same time as the US version.


            Guess I'm going to be reloading ID CS3 onto my computer just so I can transfer files to Japan - twice the work for me.


            I'll check my preferences for the relink - but this isn't a new problem with ID. I just can't figure why they would think you'd want to save a file into the folder you were working on previously if it's from a file in a new folder. Doesn't make any sense at all.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You are in a tough situation, and it's becasue of cases like this that I advocate for leaving legacy versions in place when you upgrade. There is no comaptibility problem with having multiple versions installed, and it's far better to work in the version needed for output than to try to go from version to version in either direction.


              If yo decide to reinstall CS3 on a machine, do yourself a favor and uninstall CS5 first, though. This is essential on Mac, and recommended on Windows. Things just seem to work better when installed in chronological order.

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                1GeorgiaB Level 1

                Thanks for the advice Peter, that's exactly what I decided to do. It's not so bad on ads since the sizing is different for the Euro/Asian magazines. Datasheets are going to be a pain though any way I look at it.


                I'm sure hoping that Japan will hurry and update to at least CS4.

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                  Dale 49

                  As bad as the economy is many of my clients aren't upgrading and I HAVE to stay compatible with them. If ID won't allow me to save down to earlier versions I won't be wasting money on the upgrades.

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    For what it's worth, Dale, the reality is that you have to keep the old versions and the new versions installed. That's the only way to fly.

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                      Dale 49 Level 1

                      The reality John, is that we’re not all big design companies that can afford every upgrade. Your software has wonderful bells and whistles but if I have to work around something as important to me as keeping compatible with my smaller clients, I may as well just keep using what I have. I’m only one Adobe customer so it’s only one $700.00 sale to you, but there are a lot more users out there in the same boat I am. I can easily find other uses for the $700 I was prepared to spend this morning until I found that your software wouldn’t save down.

                      Dale 49

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                        John Hawkinson Level 5

                        Dale: It's not my software, we are all volunteers here, except for those whose name badges clearly say otherwise.

                        But for those of us who have to stay compatible, which is many of us here, the only way to do it (hence "reality") is multiple versions.


                        Anyhow, I don't mean to get into a protracted debate. I don't claim it is the way it should be, merely the way it is, and it is pretty clear that it is not going to change. So live with it or don't, I suppose.


                        My comment was primarily intended to highlight the utility and relevance of keeping multiple versions installed, because many people don't seem to realize that is a viable option until told.


                        Happy holidays.

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                          Dale 49 Level 1

                          Sorry John, didn’t mean to sound huffy – it just really frustrates me.


                          Standing down,

                          Hope you and yours also enjoy wonderful holidays

                          Dale 49