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    ideas, ideas format - pdf?



      I am wondering if there are different file formats from the ipad ideas application? 

      I have tinkered around and love the idea with ideas and was a bit surprised as I can draw "lines" on the ipad, ideas app and then send a pdf file to my pc at work.. then open that file in illustrator CS5 with the extrea ideas plugin, lines are then not bezier lines but "shapes" as if the bezier line I drawn was expanded "create outlines" command


      Is this how it is intended or are there two formats and they behave diffrently pdf vs -idea format?? and using the Cloud service makes the diffrence?


      Anyone else seen or thought about this? or is it a bug or feature or ?


      Kind regards


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          davidmacy Adobe Employee


          The pencil in Adobe Ideas behaves like the Blob Brush that was introduced in Illustrator CS4. We chose to use this approach so that you could use the Eraser to intuitively easily erase - something that is not so obvious with strokes in Illustrator.




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            larsnorrbrand Community Member

            Thanks David for the reply and it is an understandable approach and I guess there was a long discussion about this.

             I still like the idea for a extra pen tool  "bezier pen", but the implementation and usability issues may be hard to get working.


            kind regards