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    Duplicate Files Appearing in Explorer Window

    Rich Schafer Level 1

      I am writing a custom plug-in for a CMS.  I am experiencing an issue when opening folders in Windows Explorer where each child file is listed twice.  However, each child that is a folder is only listed once. This happens for any folder in the CMS.


      Viewing the logs from my plug-in, it appears that Windows lists the contents of all of the folders so it can display the hierarchy in the navigation pane.  Then when I click into a folder, it re-lists the contents of that folder.  I believe it is this second call to the GetChildrenHandler that is causing drive to display the duplicate files since if I disable the navigation pane and clear the Drive cache, only a single instance of each file shows up.  Note: I never get more than 2 instances even if I re-display folders over an over again.


      I am basing my GetChildrenHandler after the sample.basicftp GetChildrenHandler.  However, I am using 16 byte hexadecimal idenitifiers as asset IDs instead of paths. I have extensive logging in my plug-in and have verified that when I create the file update recipe, the asset ID, asset path, parent ID and asset version are all identical.


      Any help would be appreciated.