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    ACR 6.6 hangs PS5


      This morning I upgraded from ACR 6.5 to ACR 6.6.  Under 6.6, when I do a "Save Image" (lower left of ACR screen), it hangs PS and I have to do a Force Quit out of PS.  On the other hand, if I do an "Open Image" from 6.6, I get into PS OK and can successesfully Save AS from PS to the same folder I wanted to write to with Save Image.  But saving images one at a time from PS is a little tedious!


      OS X 10.6.8

      PS 12.0.4 x64



      How can I make this problem go away?  Do I have to revert to ACR 6.5?  If so, how do I do that?


      Jim Thomas

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          tinaTS Adobe Employee

          Can you please go to this location:

          Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS5/File Formats

          and make sure you only have one Camera Raw.plugin file in that folder? If there's more than one, Get Info on each, and keep the version 6.6 one in that folder, and move any others out of that folder.


          Another thing to try is to repair permissions on your hard disk, especially if you haven't done so in a while:

          Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility. Select your hard disk on the left, and select Repair Disk Permissions.

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            johnkwon9 Level 1

            Can you also specify what type(s) of files you are using (i.e. NEF, CR2, etc.)?  And how often does this issue arise?  I was not able to encounter this issue on an identical setup.

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              JATinNH Level 1

              There is only one Camera Raw.plugin in my File Formats folder.


              Repaired permissions.   Still have the hang.  It happens every time I try.


              These are Canon 5D2 .CR2 files.


              After the Force Quit, the image file that I was trying to write out is in the correct folder, with the name I expect.  But it seems to have only about 98% of its bytes.  It cannot be opened in PS.


              If I can locate the 6.5 Camera Raw.plugin in one of my backups, can I just substitue it for the 6.6 one in the File Formats folder?  Or am I going to have to uninstall all of CS5 and reinstall?



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                tinaTS Adobe Employee



                First, our testing department is looking into this issue.


                Second, to revert back to CR 6.5, you do not need to uninstall Photoshop. Just remove the Camera Raw.plugin file in the location above, and download the 6.5 version of Camera Raw, and install it. You can download it here:




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                  JATinNH Level 1



                  I moved the 6.6 Camera Raw.plugin file from the file formats folder to my Desktop.  Then downloaded 6.5 and tried to do the install.  Install refused.  Does Install look at some info file somehere and see that 6.6 is supposed to

                  be installed -- and so refuses to go backwards to 6.5???   Suggestions?



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                    johnkwon9 Level 1



                    Unfortunately, manually removing the Camera Raw plugin and running a previous Camera Raw Updater will not successfully reinstall the previous version of Camera Raw.


                    Please feel free to email me at johnkwon@adobe.com with a sample set of files that you are experiencing this issue with.  This will make it easier for us to try and diagnose the issue.



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                      JATinNH Level 1

                      I went back to ACR 6.5 by manually removing 6.6 Camera Raw.plugin from the File Formats folder, extracting the 6.5 Camera Raw.plugin from a download, and moving the 6.5 Camera Raw.plugin into the empty File Formats folder -- not recommended for the faint of heart as it is a hack.

                      It seems to work and I'm back in business.




                      The 5D2 files are too big for email.  Please send me directions on how to send big files to you.



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                        johnkwon9 Level 1



                        Glad you got 6.5 back up and running.


                        Please shoot me an email and I will reply with further instructions.



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                          You can try to clear cache of camera raw 6.6. I think that helped me.

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                            Michelle Qi Adobe Employee

                            We are still looking into this issue. In the meantime, instead of force quit, let it ‘hang’ for a few minutes (I heard 1min to 5min), and the file should eventually open. After the file is opened the first time, plugin should be perform afterwards.




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                              Alexey Ozerov

                              So Im not alone. But for me its much more annoying because usually I open 1000 - 2000 RAW files. And in 6.6 any time Licensed Standard Photoshop CS5 could hang. And it can be in any moment - when deleting file or just switch from one to another in list. Or when I make changes to the group of foto. And it could be when I open 2000 foto - or just 200. And again for its very sad because foto is my hobby not work - and I didnt have much time for it - before 6.6 I could early in the morning open fotos - make changes for some and stay all to evening when after my son go to sleep I can process rest of it.



                              My camera - Sony SLT A77

                              files in ACR format.

                              PC i7-2600K, 16 Gb RAM, 64 Gb SSD System, 600 Gb WD 10 rpm HDD for Adobe cache, GTX 580 video. Win 7 64 bit (Using only 64 bit CS too) Max - license.


                              And I have several questions -

                              1) Why xmp files didnt generates at moment when  I make correction to foto? But makes modified file with size of original foto in cache folder.

                              2) Why ACR didnt use memory  (I allow him 12 Gb of memory usage) but when I open 2000 files 25 - 26 Mb each - only 20 - 22% of memory is used (and 15% is usually grabbed by system at startup)

                              3) Why when CS crashed after all I couldnt got back my edits of pictures from cache - there is all modified files - but I couldnt open them myself - and CS didnt use them when I open original RAW again after crash.

                              4) Why there is no CS official plugin management - for now I must reinstall Photoshop - made all updates except ACR automatically - and after that manually install ACR 6.5?

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                                JATinNH Level 1



                                Actually, this thread is not about opening files in ACR but rather about exporting files from ACR via "Save Image".  Maybe you meant to post to another thread?



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                                  Michelle Qi Adobe Employee

                                  Thanks Jim. Yes, I meant to post to the “open hang” thread. Thanks for pointing it out.

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                                    I have exactly the same problem!!!

                                    I am using Win 7 64 bit, Photoshop CS5 (64bit) and just upgrade camera raw 6.5 to 6.6 and now some random Nikon D700 NEF file freezing the photoshop. And also when I force close program from task manager, sometimes it also damage the NEF file aswell!!!

                                    So this is serious problem for me.

                                    Hope you will fix it soon.

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                                      Same problem here. ACR 6.6 freezes even if switch from one image to another.


                                      I need an advice - how to recover my changes of pictures when ACR is freezed now and I can not save .xmp ? Is all my work on hundreds of pictures gone??? I think there must be some cache files, where ACR have common changes saved. Or is it only in ram?

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                                        MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                                        Polibmi, which platform are you on?

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                                          Polibmi Level 1

                                          Win7 ultimate 64bit

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                                            I got the same problem . when upload acr 6,6  hangs PS5 and Britge


                                            Sistem MAc pro 2 x 2,26 ghz  Quad-core


                                            PS5 :12.0.4   32 B


                                            BRITGE :


                                            DESOLATE, NOT WORK , I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO :-(

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                                              The same problem. When upload about hundred pictures ACR 6,6  hangs PS5 and damage some some NEF files.


                                              Camera: Nikon D3


                                              PS5 12.0.4 x64


                                              Windows 7 64bit, 6.1 Service Pack 1


                                              i7 CPU, 8GB


                                              Somebody tried to install ACR 6.5 again?

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                                                Yes and this completly remove problem. You need do It manually - there is no official option of downgrade update just manual from old update file -

                                                here is step by step solution http://forums.adobe.com/message/4089670#4089670

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                                                  AlexOzerov Level 1

                                                  Still there is no any info from Adobe. If they will say taht we must purchase upgrade to CS6 - it will be no fun.

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                                                    Alexey Ozerov Level 1

                                                    Hello! Can anybody tell - was that problem fixed in 6.7 RC1 version. I didnt want to make experiments on own fotos - too much fotos too low time to workout.

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                                                      MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                                                      Yes, it should be fixed in ACR 6.7 RC.



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                                                        Polibmi Level 1

                                                        Automatic update is offering me ACR 6.7 - is this error fixed in this version? Can't see it in http://www.adobe.com/special/photoshop/camera_raw/Camera_Raw_6.7_ReadMe.pdf .

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                                                          jiri.t Level 1

                                                          For me - yes.