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    Device Central Cannot Connect


      I'm having two related problems which I've seen posted here before with no real resolution as to cause or solution.


      1. Attempts to connect to the online device library or download a device profile fail with the "Device Central cannot Connect..." message.  To be precise, about 19 out of 20 attempts fail.  Tantalizingly, for reasons I cannot discern, after repeated failures it will connect.

      2. When connected, I can usually download community device profiles but not ones from the Adobe Certified listing.  Except, of course, once.


      The fact that it works intermittently indicates that there is no proxy/router/firewall blocking issue.  All other web functions seem to work.


      System is XP SP3

      Device Central CS5  installed with PhotoShop CS5


      I have deleted the Adobe Device Central CS5 directory in order to create a new one with no effect on the problem.

      I have unsuccessfully used both context menus and drag-and-drop methods of initiating downloads.


      Has anyone managed to fix this problem?

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          canoli99 Community Member

          Having the same problem, though I can't get it to connect even once. I just started researching the problem tonight - no solution yet...


          I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Production Premium CS 5.5.


          I've got no other internet issues, Adobe update works fine.


          Please - Anybody have an idea how to troubleshoot this problem?


          Thank you.

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            Same problem, CS5 on Windows 7. I'm wondering if the online library just gets overwhelmed sometimes. I was able to download a few phones, then it stopped & I get this error. MOST of the time I cannot connect to the online library.

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              canoli99 Community Member

              Yeah, I get about a dozen or so - but the progress bar only goes about 10% of the way across - then it stops and spits out the error.


              If any of us figure it out we should post the solution - looks like nobody else has any thoughts on the subject...

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                woolgathering Community Member

                After several attempts all day,(getting the "unable to connect" error) I was suddenly able to get 6 devices to download. So I still think it is because Adobe's library server is overwhelmed at the times when I'm trying to connect, and patience & persistence is required. I do hope Adobe is listening.