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    Adobe Dreamweaver Default File Formats




      When I first started using Adobe Dreamweaver, it had that dialogue that asked me which files I want to open with Dreamweaver by default. I chose all of them, but as of recently, and after installing MS Office, Expression, and Visual Studio, the some of those files have been changed to be opened by other programs, such as MS Excel, and have their icons changed from the Dreamweaver one with the "</>" inside a paper to the default IE9 HTML icon.


      What I want to know is, is there a way to get that initial file format defaults dialogue back so I can make Dreamweaver the default for all the possible file formats again? If it requires editing the registry, that is no problem; anything that can fix this I'm willing to try. I don't want to change it in the Control Panel because it will, based on my own personal experience, mess up the registry, and won't change the icons of the files either. That's why I want Dreamweaver to do it by itself. Is there a way to do this?


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!