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    Bookmarking error after failing quiz.

    TAKempf Level 1

      Hello, I have a fairly complex Captivate 5 project that seems to have developed a problem with bookmarking in the LMS. When a user fails the quiz, they see the standard failure slide with a "retake lesson" button. If the user leaves the lesson here and comes back, the bookmark functionality works perfectly. If they click retake lesson, then exit on that slide they cannot re-enter the course (it merely says it is loading and does nothing).


      My project is set up as follows:


      - Intro slides

      - "jump" slide

      - Failure explanation slide, which then jumps back to the intro

      - "fake question" (used as a hook for the automatic "retake" button), jumps back to the failure explanation slide

      - Survey questions

      - Quiz questions

      - Failure/Success slide; either jumps back to "fake question" (failure) or continues to next slide (pass)

      - Conclusion slides


      Perhaps the problem lies with the instant jump from the "fake question" to the "failure explanation" slide?