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    Tablet Pen: Gone Bad or Just Not Properly Set?

    Phoenix89MR Level 1

      I've recently developed a problem with my Wacom Saphire tablet and pen (bought in 2005).  I don't think it's limited to Photoshop, but it sure shows up there.


      In PSCS5 (Mac OS 10.6.8, iMac 3.4 GHz, Core i7), I recently tried using the brush tool and it appears to behave oddly (and unusably).  There is a delayed reaction in both application of pen pressure on the tablet as well as release.  In other words, if I tap on a command, for example, it takes about 5 seconds to react.  If I try to draw, it takes about that long for the writing to begin.  If I stop writing, it continues to write for 5 seconds after the pen tip leaves the surface of the tablet.


      The problem is fairly recent.  I cannot recall installing new software since the last time I used it.  I'm a pretty bare bones computer user and don't have much if any squirrely software--all pretty mainstream. 


      I have installed the latest software prescribed by Wacom 5.2.5-3.  I've zapped the PRAM.  The tablet behaves the same way on another computer


      Is it likely the pen or tablet has just gone south?  Or is there a setting that I don't know about that causes this behavior?


      If there is a new tablet in my future, and recommendations out there?