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    New project 1280x960 ? How to start this ?

    Philippe V8



      I am wondering how I can get a project with 1280x960 resolution.


      I start off with a 1280x720 video-render.  I want to import this into PremEl (8) without loss of quality.  Then I want to add a banner with company logo and product name UNDER the video .. so it can not be placed on top.  Therefore I would like to paste my 16:9 original in a 4:3 frame and add a banner below (1280x240 pix).  Then create an avi.  This way I can trim off the banner when converting to flash for our website (no banner needed) and I'm back to 16:9 then.  Also leave the banner on when converting to TV-version for fairs .. where a 4:3 ratio is ideal.


      I can start a 4:3 project but it has only 720:576 pix   Can I change this ??



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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE doesn't have the option for custom sizes, you're stuck with the standard ones provided. Some posters on this forum suggested there is a configuration file that can be edited to add new formats - but I don't recall any of them coming back to say if they were successful.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Unfortunately, you will need PrPro for this. It handles odd-sized source footage, with its Desktop Preset for each Sequence (think mini-Projects in one), that lets one customize most attributes. PrE has a fixed set of Presets, and you will also be faced with doing several Projects.


            Sorry for the bad news.



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              Philippe V8 Level 1

              Since none reported back about a hack, I will ... Might be handy for future ref.


              Here's what I did; as an example.


              Go to:

              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0\settings\SequencePresets\PAL\DV


              Copy Standard 48kHz.sqpreset


              Name it MyCompany.sqpreset


              Open it with notepad.


              changed this:





              changed this:





              Saved the file.




              Not sure yet if it's 100% ok now, but it does seem to work for now.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Please keep reporting on how well this works.


                Some of the hacks seem to have worked in some versions, but not in others.


                Hope that this takes care of your needs and if so, then maybe Steve can create a FAQ Entry for it.


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Before you get too deeply into the project, I'd recommend you do a test run through an entire project -- including output to DVD, WMV or whatever.


                  Often problems with these hacks and non-standard settings don't show up until you output your video. I'd hate to see you put hours and hours into a project only to find that, when you output it, it has a black frame around it or plays jittery or something.

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                    This worked for me!  The only difference is that I copied the "HD 1080i 30 (60i)" preset under C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\Settings\SequencePresets\NTSC\Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                    and updated the numbers as mentioned by Philippe V8.  I wasn't sure if changing the 768 to 702 in the pixel aspect ratio was correct but I did it anyway and the video turned out great.  

                    See here for the quick test run I just created:



                    By the way, this is the preset I needed for the GoPro setting R4 which is 960p.  I can't tell you how long I struggled to try and fix this problem.  I've got a ton of footage taken at 1280 by 960 (setting R4) as this is the setting that provides the most vertical and horizontal viewing area.  Because the only "close" preset that was offered in Pre Elements 10 was 1440 x 1080, I had been using that one and all my videos had a terrible boarder around the edges.  If interested:

                    See here:



                    and here for examples of the bad boarder:



                    The fixed video (first one) has the boarder on the side but that's because the youtube export setting only has a 1440 (or 1920) by 1080 option.  When I export the video to my computer and use the export custom presets of 1280 by 960 it looks perfect.  In the future I'll just upload these files to youtube without using the online option in Pre Elements 10; then there should be no boarder at all.


                    PhilippeV8, thanks so much for the help.  I was so frustrated and gave up several times and wanted to return the software.  Now I'm more motivated to do more editing and actually make something with all this footage I have.  thanks again!

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                      @Phillipe V8,

                      Once I am done creating the new sqpreset file, how do I use it? Kindly reply ASAP, thanks!



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                        vedhas Level 1

                        In my case, I am starting off with 1280x960 AVI file itself. I am editing the video (blurring out sections etc.) and want to output the video file with exact same quality, size and encoder in use etc. How do I do this?

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          This is not likely possible in Premiere Elements. But if you want to explore all the whys and wherefores, I'd encourage you to start a new thread. This thread is over 6 years old and may not still be relevant.