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        Dan Poynor Newcomer

        Eugene made a simple mistake which is actually pretty common in forums when replying too quickly or not reading thoroughly. After patiently explaining my OS situation and pushing for a response to my specific question I thought we were done with it. Especially since it's been over a year the question has been marked as answered!


        But then rcbmoose says the screenshots are practically identical on the Mac and PC, which after rechecking a couple times seems misleading to me. Some of the screens don't exist on the Mac and can't be compared.


        His opening remark saying I should be grateful is not adding useful information either, but rather trying to incite a reaction - flaming. It's not helpful.

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          Dan Poynor Newcomer

          rcbmoose - You stated "The actual dialogs, and even the placement of the printer settings buttons were practically identical from those depicted in the screenshots."


          When called out on this you again insisted the screens where practically identical. You neglected to mention you were only looking at the initial print dialog and that you made a different selection than "Adobe PDF".


          Unfortuntely, I spent time trying to figure out how you got to the other screens based on your reply. Very frustrating.


          Please try to be more thoughtful and accurate when making such statements.


          I've marked this question as "Answered" over a year ago.

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            Peter Spier Legend



            As you note, the thread is quite old, and you found the information you needed in the original run. All good. Now, another user has come across the thread -- as we hope will happen -- and has a different opinion as to what is similar. That's not inflamatory, nor is it really anything you need to be concerned about. It is not all that unusual for threads to revive or go in a new direction. You have your answer, and now rcbmoose has theirs.

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              Dan Poynor Newcomer

              Peter - I appreciate different opinions. That's not the issue at all. Your missing the points I mentioned.


              The information provided by rcbmoose saying the PC and Mac screens were practically identical was simply not correct. You could say he misspoke, or didn't follow through, and then didn't answer the questions I asked him about his findings until after I insisted they were not accurate. I've mentioned this a few times but you're not addressing it as a moderator. In my opinion, missleading information should be corrected.


              He commented the I should be grateful for the info Eugene posted and later apologized for. Please help me understand how that's being helpful. Please.

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                Peter Spier Legend

                I can't speak for what other posters really mean -- that's part of the problem with forums, but I will say that your initial response to Eugene seemed rude and uncalled for to me (clearly I did not interpret it in the way you intended), and my feeling of what rcbmoose was saying is that rather than berate someone we should be appreciative of the effort that they make to offer some help, even if it turns out not to be useful in a way that is readily apparent to us.


                Granted the Windows printer options screen does not resemble what you see on Mac, but I think most users would say that the Application level screens in ID are very similar, and even in my limited work with OSX I believe there are analogous printer settings screens (not identical, analogous) where you would find the same sort of default settings. All of us who answer questions here are volunteers, and we're human, so sometimes we screw up. Nobody desevrves to be raked over the coals about it.


                I'm sorry you didn't get what you needed directly from Eugene. That's not a reason to continue to harp on whether his screen shots are "identical." Evidently they are similar enough to what RCB moose has seen to guide him to where he needed to go, and he seems thankful that Eugene posted them, even if in error.

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                  Dan Poynor Newcomer

                  Peter - having to repeat my question several times is frustrating. I appreciate you don't think I should expect an answer to my question - but I do. I also appreciate you don't promote accuracy - but I do.


                  Scanning this thread again, I don't see where I raked anyone over the coals either. I should be thanked for patiently explaining the difference between operating systems and following up on the details. Perhaps yelling a couple words in all caps to get attention is too much for some people though. Please accept my apology.


                  You don't need to keep apologizing for Eugene also. It's really not necessary. And I'm not sure why you keep doing that. But thank you for your effort too.

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                    Peter Spier Legend

                    If you go back, as I just did, you'll see that he did not say you should be grateful for anything. What he said was that your reponse to Eugene struck him as ungrateful (perhaps it's that word that bothers you), and I happen to have had the same reaction, though I used the terms rude and uncalled for, but that's probably because I know how much help Eugene has provided to other users over the past few years. I suspect this is a case where we read inflection into your response that was not intended.


                    I happen to take offense, too, at the suggestion that I don't promote accuracy. I make every attempt to be as accurate as possible in my own responses, or to state clearly when I don't know what the Mac screen will look like. I laso make a point of posting when I see other responses to questions that are clearly incorrect. I'm not apologizing for Eugene. I'm pointing out that you keep bringing up that his screen shots are not 100% relevant for your Mac. That does not make them useless to all users, and the entire issue was covered some months ago. And I did not say that Eugene had helped you -- if that's what you meant above, I can't really tell -- but rather that he had helped rbcmoose in spite of not helping you.


                    Frankly, I'm a little tired of you, and I think this thread has gone downhill to the point that there is nothing of value to be added by any of us, so I'm going to exercise my prerogative to lock it.

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