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    uncle bobo

      Using Mac Snow Leopard--when I click hue/saturation I don't get a dialog box, only the eye dropper appears, then I have to CMD/return to get out. Other Adjustments work fine. This is a new development, it worked fine recently.

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          Sounds like you moved the dialog onto another display, or are trying to use Spaces and ran into one of it's bugs.

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            uncle bobo Level 1

            I don't have Spaces enabled. I can't find the dialog hiding anywhere, besides, when it goes to the eyedropper cursor/tool, I can't switch to any other tool and all tab-features are disabled. I have to cmd/return to get out, and that makes me think it is a bug.

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              No, it's not a bug.  It's user error.


              At one time you either had a secondary monitor attached which is now disconnected or you had a larger display screen resolution (more pixels wide by more pixels high) which you have since changed.  In either case the modal dialog box is now off screen.  You have no chance of finding it without first trashing your preferences.


              To re-create the preferences files for Photoshop, start the application while holding down Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS). Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?"


              Wo Tai Lao Le


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                The cursor changed as it normally does when that dialog is up, and the menus and tabs are disabled because the dialog is up somewhere.  I bet that pressing escape or return would get you back to a working state (because they dismiss the dialog).


                As Tai said: resetting your preferences will also reset the dialog location.

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                  uncle bobo Level 1

                  That did work--thank you.


                  I have not had another monitor attached, and I haven't intentionally adjusted my screen resolution lately. However, sometimes when powering up the TV the Mac screen jumps to another resolution, then usually back.


                  I have another problem that is sort of resolution related. I can't use HDR Pro because the save and cancel buttons on the bottom are not visible. I have to cmd/opt/esc to get out. At one time starting ps5 with cmd/opt/shft worked, but not for long, and that doesn't work now. Any ideas on this?



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                    uncle bobo Level 1

                    Yes, Tai's suggestion worked.


                    As I explained to Tai just now, I have another problem that may be resolution related. I can't use HDR Pro because the save and cancel buttons are off the viewable panel. CMD/ESC/SHIFT worked once, but not now. I've talked with Apple about this and the problem seems to be PS--Any ideas? I can get in and make adjustments in hdr pro, but cant save or cancel.

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                      If your dock is visible and you have a display near the minimum required by Photoshop, then the HDRPro dialog may get clipped.  Hiding the dock should solve that, or you can use escape (cancel) and return or enter (ok) to close the dialog.