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    Adober Updater Not Able to Connect - Error Code U41M1C212

    Lynda-S Level 4

      I recently installed CS 5.5 on my Windows 7 Machine. When I first installed everything I did the initial update and all was well. Since then an update for Camera Raw came out and I have attempted to update the suite.  I use the normal path   Help > Updates   Once the Updater Launches this is the error I receive:


      The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the Internet or firewall settings may be incorrect. Please try again later. Error Code: U41M1C212


      I know the server is not offline as I can launch the updater from my other machine (which is Win XP) and it connect fine. I have disabled every firewall on my computer and attempted the update and still nothing.


      Any ideas on what I should try or what steps I should take?