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    Export HDV to Mpeg-DVD very slow

    creazer Level 1

      I have a HDV 1080i sequence. I'm exporting to Mpeg-DVD. To export a 20 minute sequence, it takes 12 hours to render. To export a 1 & 1/2 hour sequence, it takes 24-30 hours to render. Now I don't know if that sounds ridiculous, but I think it sounds like it's too long. Below are screen shots of my project,sequence,clip, settings and some info on my computer hardware.

      Maybe my settings could be wrong. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.


      clip info.jpg

      effects used.jpg

      export settings.jpg

      Export time.jpg

      As you can see from the times in the above picture this mpeg file took ages to export.

      sequence setting.jpg

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          You have a third party effect applied.  That could easily slow things down to a crawl.


          You also never supplied the hardware info, so it's very easy to believe these times are normal.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Saad, you are right. That is completely ridiculous. Unfortunately you have bumped into 2 limitations in PrP that could severly limit its use in the professional and semi professional community. Paying clients that are used to working in edit suites will run away screaming if you tell them how long they have to wait for the 20 minute show...or that you are limited to using the Premiere 3 way color corrector. This is the kind of stuff that will motivate editors to switch to Avid or whatever. I really like Premiere and AE and I know Adobe is working its but off to make a great program. But this export problem threatens to really be a deal breaker for lots of folks. I hope it can be addressed and resolved.

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              creazer Level 1

              Jim!! Sorry. I left out important information. Here it is...


              computer hardware.jpg


              Please let me know if you need any more information. By the way, I am using Raid 5 hard drive to keep my files and project on which I know also slows things down right?


              However, I would like to say, that when I ecxport SD sequence to to Mpeg DVD with exactly the same effects,it only takes an hour or so to export. Is it taking this long because it's exporting HDV footage?

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                lasvideo Level 4

                Saad, SD files are about 1/5 the size of HD files so thast a lot more video info per frame that you are dealing with when editing HD. If you have a CUDA graphics card (Like the Nvidia 4000 for the Mac like I have) AND if you get rid of all your Colorista effects and instead use the PrP 3 Way color corrector (something you may not want to do since Colorista is great), your time will be reduced. I dont know how much. Using only PrP accelerated effects (if you own a CUDA card) should shorten your time. The speed of your raid 5 array, memory amount, CUDA card and fast processors all help to speed things up. But Exporting is still a slow painful process for certain projects.

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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  Saad, in fairness to the software. You are take HD video and converting it to SD video that will play on your DVD. Theres a lot of work going into that conversion. I would hazard a gues that if you were just exporting to a HD mastering codec (like Prores or DNxHD) , it would be A LOT faster. Maybe other folks will have ideas to speed things up.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Export directly to DVD via Encore. DL


                    Allow Encore to transcode appropriately.


                    BTW - I would like to see a frame grab from your AME "output tab"



                    FWIW: I could out put your project in aproximately realtime. (not 30 hours) and I am interested in why your your screen grabs are squeezed!

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      Is it taking this long because it's exporting HDV footage?


                      Using your processor, it's very likely.  Time to upgrade to a modern i7 CPU.  (Which may also involve a new motherboard and memory.)

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                        creazer Level 1

                        Hi. Thanks all for your advice and help with this issue.


                        Shooternz,     I am now in the process of transcoding via Encore DL. Will let you know how that goes. I am very interested in knowing how you could help me export in REAL TIME! Below is a screengrab of export settings. Please let me know if what if I haven't provided you with the right screen grab.


                        export shooternz.jpg

                        I don't know why my screen grabs are squeezed. After I press cntrl print screen I paste into Photoshop and then save the image as a jpeg file.


                        Below are my photoshop settings. I select new - with these settings...


                        screengrab setting photoshop.jpg


                        Jim... I've already inquired about getting the i7 Processor. How much faster do you think it will export with the settings I've used?

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Probably faster than real time.  (Without that third party effect.  I don't know how much that's slowing things down.)

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                            creazer Level 1

                            Wow. That's amazing. Well, I'm going to order one in the next few days. Thank you.

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                              creazer Level 1

                              hi Jim,


                              just to let you know, I've bought a whole new computer with an i7 processor hex core which is the new processor, and I've got the Nvidia Quadro 4000 card with 16gb of RAM. I've exported a timeline to check how quick it is and yes! it's quicker, however someone mentioned that it would be almost real time and it's not. It's taken 4 hours to export a 20 minute timeline. With the old computer it took 12 hours, it is a lot quicker. The 20 minute timeline is full of different clips which all have a borris 3 way color corrector and smooth tone effect. As well as different Adorage and premiere transitions. DOes this sound correct?


                              I am exporting HDV footage (mpeg 1440 x 1080 [1.3333] 25fps)  to Mpeg DVD (720 x 576 25fps).     Am I doing it the right way? A friend and fellow editor suggested to export to H.264 first and then export to Mpeg DVD.

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                                lasvideo Level 4

                                Yes, unfortunately it does. If you were to use the Adobe 3 way color corrector Im sure you could substantially reduce the time. Personally I prefer Magic Bullet Colorista, but I did use the 3 way and found I could get the same results with a much shorter export. If you dont use Adobe accelerated effects you are penalized on export, sad to say.

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                                  Snemanje poroke Level 1

                                  HI Saad Khan.


                                  I have severy overclocked i7-3930K, 16GB 2133 ram, 3x intel SSD. But HDV timeline to DVD is very slow (on CS6). Today my 90 minutes show, using only accelerated FX, and some third party FX here and there (which plays realtime othervise on my CPU, so not a bottle neck), it took 5 hours to export, all CPU 100%, memory 100% and based on number on WATT-meter even GPU works fully (460W total with GTX570, with prime95 CPU makes 350W at max.).


                                  I used MRQ (max rendering quality because of scaling). Without MRQ it takes somewhere around 90-100 minutes, so it is amlost real time.


                                  Today I choosen that (slowest) workflow, because I didn't have time to fiddle with my manual export workflow, as usual, and I had other thing to do during the day, nor I have any SSD left to export.


                                  Othervise I

                                  - export HD timeline as is (no scaling) to Cineform master (you could use other codecs, which do not loose too much quality).

                                  - scale and prepare into SD with Avisynth script

                                  - feed avisinth output directly to HC encoder


                                  Speed of whole process is much faster that Adobe Premire/Encoder/Encore, and it is still looks better when scaled and encodes with much metter quality (or smaller size).


                                  But involves one full HD export. I do make archives of full HD exports, so it's ok. But if final and only target is DVD, thna I strongly reccoment converting files from camcorder output. It's realtime and it saves 5x as much time in editing and postprocessing. My former PC had Q9550, so I had performance like yours, described above. Before I started to use Cineform, I captured HDV from camcorder, than transcoded clips to DV. I finished project in DV, easily and fast exported to DVD, deliver the project, than clients have patience to wait another day or two, when I replaced DV clips with HDV and rerender timeline again to some HD format. So no scaling at export.


                                  Hope it helps.
                                  regards MIHAEL

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                                    creazer Level 1

                                    Thank you. That helps




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