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    HELP! Photoshop CS5 to CS5 Extended Install PROBLEM!

    Scott PS CS5 Extended Level 1

      I had photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2 since they came out. I just recently (November of 2011)upgraded to Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5, those installs went OK, I did forget my login info but a call to Adobe got that all figured out.


      Now I only "Play" in photoshop and illustrator at home for my own entertainment, and really barely used the CS2, so I am still just a newbie playing around in photoshop and illustrator.

      Anyways, after watching a bunch of Photoshop CS5 Videos, I realized that Photoshop had an "Extended" version with 3D I was unaware of. So I wanted the Extended version, I called Adobe and he said I was 37 days out on my Photoshop CS5, so all I could do now was Buy the Extended version or buy the Upgrade Extended version, since my CS2 was already used for the initial photoshop CS5 upgrade. But since I upgraded my Illustrator CS2 to CS5 a week later he said I could Return that if I wanted.


      He brought that up in the convo, not I.

      So I Bit the Bullet, AGAIN, and bought the Photoshop CS5 Extended Upgrade to Upgrade the Photoshop CS5 I had just upgraded too.


      Let me say this, ALL are Legal Copies ALL Legit. (Before someone says anything about that.) CS5 Photoshop and CS5 Illustrator were bought from Amazon, by Amazon Not one of there outside sellers, and so was the Photoshop CS5 Extended Upgrade.


      My Problem is, I cannot Install the Photoshop CS5 Extended? As I am installing it asks for the code, I type it in, then if has two photoshop things listed, one 64 bit and one 32 I believe. But also above them says "Already Installed" with a >! in a white dot. Hovering my mouse over it it says "If you select any of the below to install again it will be installed it the current file location."


      I go through the Install and I still have the Regular Photoshop CS5 NOT the Extended Version???


      Box and top of the DVD says Photoshop CS5 Extended on them. But the offered install files that are offered on it that say "Already Installed" above them in the installer , Neither one says anything about Extended just ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5.1 ??


      I went to Adobe and talked to a live chat guy but after he took my email and ALL of my serial #'s for ALL of my Photoshop products, had me try installing it again, and then just said I had to Call Adobe Tech. (That was Useless, they should just CLOSE the live chat thing if they can't do anything.)


      Anyways, with NO Photoshop CS5 Extended getting installed on my PC Win7 64 bit I3 cpu with 8 gigs of ram, my Adobe Account on my "View Product Registration" Page it now Lists the serial # and info as of 1-1-2012 as having Registered my Photoshop Extended Version 12.0 with all my other registered Adobe software.


      So HOW can I get the Extended to actually Install? I Opened the files on the DVD and really don't see anything that even says Extended on any?


      I had Amazon OVERNIGHT this Photoshop CS5 Extended Upgrade to me so I could as Bert Monroy says, "Play, just Play it's the best way to Learn Photoshop." over the new years weekend, now I sit here frustrated instead.

      Maybe I will email him, maybe he knows what to do, he has always replied to my emails and has Signed my Photoshop books authored by him. (Nice guy very helpful.)


      Any info/help much Appreciated.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Uninstall your current stuff completely and choose to deactivate permanently , so the serai lgets erased, then run the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool just to be sure, reinstall using your 5.1 serial.



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            Level 7

            Extended and standard are the same code - you don't have to uninstall or reinstall.  The only difference is the serial number.


            All you have to do is deactivate your standard copy (removing the serial number), then reactivate with serial number for extended.

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              Scott PS CS5 Extended Level 1

              Please explain this? I never done that before.


              In Help I clicked Deactivate and then see a pop up box with 2 choices, Suspend Activation or Deactivate Permanently.


              I hit the Cancel button at the bottom for now.



              If this don't work I will Call Adobe on Monday and hopefully get it all worked out, or I will be packing up Both CS5 Upgrades I just bought and send them both back to Amazon for a full Refund.


              This should NOT be such a P.I.T.A. just because a few kids hack and use photoshop without actually paying for it.


              I am 50 years old BTW, and Paid for my Legit copys, but I gotta jump through Hoops as punishment for a few who don't pay.


              Myleniums answer sure sounds like a big pain in the a** to go through and I'd just Return the CS5 stuff, Including the CS5 Illustrator I just upgraded as well. As a Amazon Prime Member they will take it all back and refund me my cash.


              As a rare user, just for myself at home, I only Upgraded because I knew Adobe only allowed you to get 3 versions behind before you had to rebuy the full install software all over again so I waited until I thought it was getting close to CS6 coming out and I would Not be able to upgrade at the upgrade pricing. And the CS6 Licensing I read about coming up does NOT appeal to me.

              So CS2 or CS5 will be it for me and Adobe. As a Hobbiest I cant afford to do upgrades for each new version. /i heard starting with CS6 you will be Required to upgrade when the very next one comes out, not able to skip a version. Or even some silly monthly fee type thing, Never will I pay a Monthly fee for software use.

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                D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I believe "deactivate permanently" will kick out the serial. Then you put in the new serial on next launch.

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                  Scott PS CS5 Extended Level 1

                  Thanks Chris Fox and D Fosse, your replies got it installed and I now have Photoshop CS5 Extended !

                  Lets hope after 30 days it still is. I saw the 30 trial or the add your serial# I chose the Serial # , entered it and Poof like majic I had Photoshop CS5 EXTENDED.


                  "Vasu" had told me Not to Deactivate my regular photoshop cs5 to get it Done. Picture is just part of our convo.


                  Here he/she is telling me just that, and they are supposed to work for Adobe and Know what they are doing. Bring Customer Service BACK to the U.S.A. !!!


                  Adobe Chat 1.jpg

                  Thanks for your Help guys. I do Appreciate it.


                  (Now if I could only STOP every single post on these forums from being emailed to me ??? I clicked on the email me link in Here thinking I would Only recieve emails pertaining to THIS Thread I started, Not every thread on the forum!)