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    What to do?

    badboy Level 1

      Hey Everyone, I'm just looking for a little advice to get me started so any output is great!

      Anyway I used to use about ("two years ago") ADDT with dw cs3 and asp to create some pretty dynamic sites

      Iv'e been out for a couple years I really new asp pretty well ("learned a lot I might say") from using the ADDT extention for dreamweaver and just tearing things apart.

      Anyway now I'm just getting back into things and Am seeing how asp has lost it's favor and php has come into the main, I've been plying with php a bit

      I just took on this database project and decided it would probably be best in php and mysql but to my surprise ADDT no more?

      I have upgraded to cs5, but I still have cs3 with ADDT ready to roll, and I really love all the features from the extensions, triggers and manage form all in form so easy to plop together. What I am wondering Is should I develop site with php and ADDT even though there is no support in the

      latest version of php and use the hacks to make it compatalbe, and there seems to be a grouping of people still working with it. Or would I be better off just using DW csw5 server behaviors to get me started and learn to customize from there.

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreasiated, this is a big project, new language so I need to get going in the right direction fast.

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          ikoniqoz Level 1

          @badboy - I usually get copied on posts to this form but for some reason they are taking for-ever to get to me if at all.

          I have been a longtime user of Dw (since UD4 in fact and a long time user of ADDT and the previous incarnation that was originally created by those great folks at Interakt.


          For several years I built solutions on ADDT and the previous Interakt product and was a strong Dw supported and advocate. I had over time been able to build an excellecnt comprehensive CMS based on ADDT which suited my target market.


          When the hammer dropped on ADDT I was very concerned about which way to go. I decided to never be dependent on Adobe again and looked for alternatives. Firstly, let me say that I dont believe that WordPress and Joomla are options for my target market. WordPress has a complex User interface and whilst it is an excellent Blogging system, it really is inappropriate for a general purpose CMS for site owners with limited knowledge on haw a website works. As for Joomla - it has an overly complex User interface and I woul never impose that on my clients.


          So, what to do ? Initially I noticed that one subscriber to this forum had decided to go with CakePHP which is a very attrctive option if you have the time to search for a CMS that is based on that framework and would be suitable for my needs. This developer, fortunately for him, had the skills to put CakePHP to work for his needs. But, I had relied on ADDT for too long and had not gained any new skills apart from all the ins-and-outs of ADDT.


          Then, sometime later, another subscriber offered his advice concerning codeigniter another PHP framewok similar to CakePHP. Initially I considered that the learning curve was too steep to be able to develop my own CMS based on codeigniter so I looked at a few of the CMS projects. Eventually, I came across PyroCMS.


          I fully recommend to any ADDT user that found themselves stuck without ADDT to drop Dw and take a long hard look at pyrocms.com.