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    Workstation with Quadro 2000 or GTX 570 HD 2,5GB, for PP CS 5.5?


      Hey there,

      I'm going to build up a new workstation for video-editing using the Production Premium Suite CS 5.5.

      But there is still one big question and I can't find a proper answer.


      What GPU should I take or which one will be faster? A Quadro 2000 or a GTX 570HD with 2,5GB?

      I know the Quadro has 192 cores and the GTX has 480 cores. So the GTX should be faster

      Actually? But would it really be faster? I can't find any Benchmark comparisons or stuff.

      Some say a Quadro 2000 is better, if it's only a workstation. But I also read that people

      Prefer the GTX-Models.


      I know the GTX needs more energy and it's getting warmer when used, but those two facts

      Wouldn't persuade me to buy the Quadro.


      The rest of my system would look like this:


      Intel Core i7-2600

      ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen. 3

      G.Skill RipJaws-X DIMM Kit 16 GB

      Crucial m4 128GB for OS, Programms

      Western Digital AV-GP for the media-archive and the orginal videofiles

      WD Caviar Green for Export and stuff like that

      Fractal Design Arc

      Scythne Katana 3

      Super Flower Golden Green Pro 650 W


      So the only missing thing is the GPU.


      Thanks in advance for your help!