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    Colorblind red/green, how does that affect PS and what are the options.

    flash_splash Level 1

      Like so many men, I am Colorblind (not in full) for red/green.  As a photographer I manipulate pictures like all of us. My main tools are LR-3 and PS-5.

      I operate in the Pro-Photo colorspace on am Imac with a Eizo graphical monitor all calibrated.


      The problem arrises when I start to work on skin and other elements, as I am coloblind (partial) my manipulations tend to result in a bit to redisch pictures. A comment I receive many times.

      I don't see it that way, but after a colorblindness test it was comfirmed.


      So here is the question:  Is there a tool/colorprofile/colospace or whatever that could be used by me as a red/green colorblind person so that I can manipulate the pictures as I would like to.

      The colorprofile/space/tool would compensate.  Once done with the job I could then simply convert it back to a normal human view.  Does this exist ?


      Note that I always work with graycard and a ColorChecker from X-rite..


      Any recommendation is more then welcome.