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    Dynamic Video Straming Doesnt Work in iPad

    mashghasem Level 1

      I am trying to create video dynamic streaming for iDevices,i tried this simple code under RTMP and HTTP protocol for recorded video. it works in Flash Builder 4.6 simulator but in iPad it does not work:



              width="500" height="300">
                          bitrate="150" />
                          bitrate="500" />
                          bitrate="1000" />
          </s:VideoDisplay >



      also i simplify that code as below:


      <s:VideoDisplay source="rtmp://localhost/vod/MP4:sample1_500kbps.f4v"/>


      and the result as the same,How can i fix it? thanks



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          Nikhil Pavan Kalyan Level 4



          Can you please cross check the following :


          1. The rtmp URL is edited accordingly to point to the correct FMS server instead of localhost etc.

          2. The above code snippet should be bundled as an AIR app and published for iOS.


          If you are using HTTP instead of RTMP, you need to follow HLS streaming for iOS which makes use of the HTML5 video tags instead of any flash/AIR based applications. Please let us know if you are looking for this.


          Thank you !