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    Open a RoboHelp Project from within SharePoint 2010

    mrdakota Level 1

      Is it possible to place or store a robohelp source file project into SharePoint  and open/share the source file as a collaborative project? I have individuals who would like this possibility so they can work in real time. I know robohelp has a collaborative process built in, but I wonder if working from within SharePoint can be done.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Share point can indeed be used as a collaborative tool. However each RoboHelp project is much more than a single file and Sharepoint can't handle whole directories to my knowledge. So you'd be faced with checking each individual project file out and back in. There would also be added complications if you used multiple projects. You really wouldn't want to go there. Stick to using a proper source control tool.