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    Changing Effect Direction


      Hi - I have a pretty basic question I can't seem to find the answer to. I'm pretty new to AE, so go easy on me. I'm wondering how you change the direction of an Animation Preset. More specifically, I have 2 arrows in my composition. One flies in from the LEFT using the Animation Preset/Transitions-Movement/Stretch & Blur. I have another that I want to fly in from the RIGHT using the same Animation Preset...but the I can't figure out how to reverse the direction of the effect...


      I would think I can manually do it using a blur and position keyframes, but I can't believe there's no way to adjust the preset to achieve this...


      Any response would be greatly appreciated!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Stretch and blur just stretches and blurs. There's no movement. How did you get the movement? You can get apparent movement by adjusting the anchor point. For example if the anchor point of the arrow is in front of the tip the arrow will appear to slide into position. If the anchor point is behind the arrow, the arrow will appear to come into frame backwards. If the anchor point is in the center of the arrow then the arrow will start long and return to it's proper shape symmetrically with no apparent motion.


          If that doesn't solve your problem post a screen shot of your project with all properties revealed. To reveal all properties just select the arrow layer and press u twice on the keyboard.