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      when i get into working on stuff I really hate stopping and doing other things ...unless I'm waiting for some process to get done ( eg. export etc ).


      So when I am on computer working I get sucked into it and dont like to stop even to eat etc.


      I have discovered that fast food is the answer.


      even better...get on phone and order food delivered !


      but other than that I've discovered you can enhance frozen food TV dinner things or soups...pretty quick and is really good...


      1) get stouffers (sp?) fetticinii alfredo...nuke...( 2 min ? ) and add can of tuna ( mix it in..) yum...instant tuna casserole !


      2) get progressive new engl clam chowder.. heat up... add can of chopped or minced clams...heat a min longer....way better !

      ( add red pepper or whatever ).


      whats YOUR secret editing fast food solutions ???



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          You may have to think waaaay back to when you were working in the wilderness and putting cans of chili on the engine block to heat up lunch !  hehe... or ravioli ...yum !



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Eating, while at the computer can be an issue. Many foods, such as fried chicken (crumbs get between keys and grease really messes up the keyboard), BBQ (same issue on keys), large po-boys (require two hands, and drip mayo on computer), same for most Mexican "finger food" - just too messy, and crumbly.


            I think that editors require some special considerations, like astronauts. Maybe take your Stouffer's, add tuna, then run through blender on Liquify. Place in container, that can be pressurized, with a straw, and then let the pressure force the liquid into one's mouth? Heck, one could even go "two-course" and use one of those "beer hats," that you see at Mardi Gras, or football games.



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              then run through blender on Liquify.


              like the 'bass-O=matic " blender on saturday night live ??

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, that is the idea.



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                  YOODLES !   ( works as food when necessary )



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                    PEANUT BUTTER !


                    stick spoon in jar of peanut butter and grab a spoonful as needed...

                    make sure nobody else is in room...cause the mouth smacking sounds bothers everyone ( even dogs )


                    also works for tax preparation !

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                      ( peanut butter smacking mouth sounds )


                      UGH ! finished yet ANOTHER tax year for ny State.

                      2 federal and 2 state years to go






                      BEER THIRTY ! YIPEE !



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                        how cool is THIS !!! ???


                        Ive been watching ( listening to mostly ) jet game while fooling with maya..

                        been using maya 'software' renderer up to now for stuff ( cause Im just learning it ) and all this time Ive not been able to export the alpha channel ( even though i had it checked off to export )..and ...

                        just found out if i load the mental ray plug in i can render using THAT and LO and Behold !!! alpha channel is exported !!!      HOW COOL !

                        this opens a whole new world of doing stuff !  cause now I can do nParticle stuff and so on ( you know, smoke and water and all that ) and start sorta layering that in CS3 with either stills, video or even other 3d stuff from maya ..and do all KINDS of cool stuff !! This is amazing !

                        I can see why youd wanna to to AE too....with this stuff...( jims post of day for night AE stuff made that plain )..


                        this is just draft quality and dumb.. but first 20 sec video is export of animated text from maya and alpha channel failed to export ( using maya software renderer )



                        next is WITH alpha channel using mental ray ( i had to load (activate) the plug in to use it )



                        this is a whole new deal now...cause i can do the nParticle stuff ( smoke, water, flames, etc etc ) and still get that alpha channel now and 'layer' stuff in CS3...this is sooooo cool !!!!!!!!


                        PLUS ITS BEER THIRTY ! YIPEE !


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                          update on French incursion on U.S. soil...downtown Manhattan...12-11


                          S&P ratings agency sent private security force to support Moody's ratings agency...which is currently surrounded by French troops... in downtown Manhattan...

                          The French are currently bivouacked on Port Authority property ( which the city, state and U.S. govt has no jurisdiction over ) and news crews have been having trouble gettting up to the date information about the French army intentions.


                          Mayor Bloomberg is typically " out of touch" and refuses to let New Yorker's know where he goes on the weekends.

                          Spokespeople for the Mayor say he is aware of the situation and is looking into it.


                          A rumor is circulating that Mr Bloomberg is currently auditioning for an all-girl "play" in drag , on the island of Cyprus.


                          A U.S. Sentator, visiting Manhattan for a fund raising dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, repeatedly said his main mission in life was to " make sure Obama doesn't get re-elected ".  He was not aware of any French people.


                          mcconnell-t1-main.jpg         turtle-real.jpg



                          stay tuned...



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                            GO BRONCOS !



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Yes, those Broncos could certainly be termed "the Cardiac Kids!"


                              As I could not get their game on my cable, wife relayed the play-by-play from some sports bar in an airport, until the final kick in OT.


                              Go Broncos!



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                                yeah, what cool games this past weekend..that was one of the best..

                                that was great...getting play by play stuff via L !  how nice !!!  hehe..

                                unless you saw on NFL shows ( recaps of games )... you mighta missed the QB responses to questions..

                                He kept saying great stuff... like, " Im just lucky to be playing with the greatest players , who make me look better than I am ! "

                                stuff like that.

                                very cool attitude.

                                This is the first time I've felt ready to root for the Broncos. I know its not their fault but I never forgave their affliation with putting the lights in the stadium in Denver in the early 70's for broadcast TV contracts, NFL stuf, etc

                                Got stuffed down the throats of citizens via bonds ( normal people didnt want to finance that way ).

                                Same old story.. using public monies ( people's taxes ) to finance private enterprise ( dont forget this was during nixon's wage price freeze and very bad economy for lots of people..plus oil embargo time etc etc ).


                                Anyway, I now forgive the Broncos.  GO BRONCOS !

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                                  I spent much of that time, with the Cards, and another exciting game. All updates for the Broncos, indicated that they were going to loose - until the very, very end.


                                  I am almost glad that I do not have Direct TV, with full NFL coverage. Do not think that my heart could have taken it w/ 2 PiP's going on. Heck, I would probably have declared "serious Wine-Thirty" early!



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                                    As for lauding the win onto the team, that was one of John Elway's greatest attributes. Though I have issues with some things in his life, like with his ex-wife Janet, he always took full responsibility for each loss. I cannot recall him ever pointing to a coach, or to any other teammates, when they lost. Yet, with every win, he always pointed to his offensive line, his receivers, his running backs, and then to the defensive team, for putting him in a position to win. He even handed out bonuses to his offensive linemen, from his own banking account, when they gave him enough time to drive down the field for one of those last-minute, come-from-behind wins.


                                    I do not know Tim Tebow, and only get to see some of the networks' sports programs, on him, but he seems to be of about the same mindset, as Elway was. Too bad that most of the coverage paints him in what I see, as a negative light. Much of the press still looks upon him as a loser, and it almost seems that they want him to fail. Maybe I am wrong, and only see the negative reports? When in Denver a few mos. ago, Woody Paige, IIRC, did a good piece on Tebow, but started out with myriad headlines, that were all negative. After about 25 of those, he pointed out that they were actually been written a generation before, and were reflecting the press' feelings about a young John Elway. Another sports writer did similar, but the headlines cited were about Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Bart Starr, Bret Favre and even Johnny Unitis (Johnny Unite - Us).


                                    Hope that Tebow rewrites some of the record books, and that the Broncos benefit from his heart and abilities.


                                    Go Broncos!




                                    BTW - How about them Saints?

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                                      have you got any predictions who's gonna face off in the superbowl ??  green bay looks great IMO..for one of them.

                                      how are the patriots doing ?? I should look up the ratings now....

                                      Naaaaaa.... too early.... for me ( i wont follow this seriously till xmas )

                                      ITS BEER THIRTY !!!

                                      will do another tax year ( fed and state ) tonight.  just mailed a barrage of years to state (3 ).


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                                        i been looking at that text export with alpha channel..on and off... as it helps me start to imagine what i can do...in theory at least...


                                        hope i dont run into probs down the road with mental ray exports ( you wouldnt believe all the settings you can adjust for that thing )...



                                        anyway.. im thinking of choosing 'robodog' space alien ....as the subject of titles project...animated stills and text.


                                        will need to get some music for pace etc ...maybe brother Kirk can do something...will email him see how busy he is....maybe chris duncan !.. dont know if he does orchestral type stuff though...


                                        gotta have project in mind for focus or I'll just flounder around...wont learn as fast etc.


                                        im thinking since story is about how beautiful earth is , the focus will be on that for titles ...


                                        going from that to driving really fast on xpressway ought to be just ' jolting' enough to be impressive.  ( with screeching tires and horns blaring and all that )...




                                        wanna help ??

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                                          this is turning into a good day for experimenting....

                                          ITS BEER THIRTY !  YIPEE...


                                          a) making boneless porkchops with invented recipe..basically mix breadcrumbs and scone mix ( flour) in bag...shake rinsed chops in bag...bake in oven with tin foil cover for a bit.. then uncover and continue baking at lower temp... they now look like what " fish and chips" fish looks like without chips...

                                          5 min to go....will keep you posted...


                                          b) maya text , tried to 'extrude' ....to give dimension to the text.. and it EXPLODED !

                                          thank goodness for " undo " feature !



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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            Gut feeling is that it will be Greenbay and ?


                                            I have missed so much football this year, that while I get the final scores, I have not seen too much actual play. While scores DO play a major role (obviously), how a team got those scores, would be useful in knowing what their chances are in post-season play. Also, much will likely depend on who each team faces - some do better against certain teams, than they do against others.



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              You know, when Text explodes, cleaning the monitor and keyboard can be very time-consuming. Do not let it dry, or you'll NEVER get it off!!!!!


                                              Enjoy them chops,



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                                                yes, exploding text was scary..  screen was a mess !  luckily ' undo ' cleaned it right up ( whew ).


                                                just finished the 'sched of misc deductions' ( hardest part of fed tax work wise ... put reciepts into folders , folders added up ... grunt work ).

                                                my eyes are finding it hard to read some of these stupid reciepts...computer stuff is generating very tiny text....or else im going blind.


                                                anyway, time to take break from tax stuff..

                                                few more days of this and I'll get back into maya tutorials and start text tutorials too.


                                                im thinking of morphing text for title sequence.  maybe... still thinking.


                                                pork chops werent so great.  flour coating sorta got " mushy" when covered with tin foil after taking out of oven....to keep warm...didnt wanna put in blender ... back to the drawing board.


                                                wish I had a girlfriend ... could just bellow " FEED ME ! " and see what happens ??



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                                                  just finished the 'sched of misc deductions' ( hardest part of fed tax work wise ... put reciepts into folders , folders added up ... grunt work ).

                                                  my eyes are finding it hard to read some of these stupid reciepts...computer stuff is generating very tiny text....or else im going blind.


                                                  Yikes.. I just found out that I'm supposed to fill out a form 2106 ( unreimbursed expenses line 21 sched A )

                                                  instead of the form that I made up on my computer I call " misc deductions ".



                                                  I used a page design program to make up the form and have been using it since 1980.


                                                  My own form ( lets call it form 2106 for Rodney )... has line items like...


                                                  Beers, Promotion and Entertainment expenses.................

                                                  Books, Movies, DVD's, Sex with out of state escort services .........................

                                                  More Beer, Postage, Stationary ................

                                                  Work Clothing, Tools, Transportation costs across state lines for escort services ................



                                                  I made some chicken thighs yesterday ( broiled ) for fast food while editing some stuff...and these really big chicken thighs became the size of litte crispy postage stamps...

                                                  Almost broke a tooth on one... not recommended as a fast food for editing....



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                                                    well.. this is pretty self expanatory.. for all you " performing artists " out there...


                                                    After you figure THAT out... ( whether the product  you work on is in fact a performing art even if you dont sing and dance etc in front of the camera like mayor bloomberg )


                                                    performing arts copy.jpg



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                                                      cant have fast food for editing without some fast wine to go with it... !


                                                      ( or beer in my case )


                                                      its getting colder here in nyc area... brrrrr... time for some tawny port and some logs in the fireplace?




                                                      http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/04/dining/reviews/2008-bordeaux-from-medoc-wine-review.html ?_r=1&hpw





                                                      It’s a model that may appeal to status seekers, but the romance is lost on younger consumers who value what they see as a direct connection to the dirt in which grapevines  are planted, and to the people who tend those vines.



                                                      DIRT ??  you mean soil ?

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        I am a BIG fan of Tawny Port, when the weather is a bit cooler. Normally, with any food items, I reach for the Tawny, but for our arrival back home on NYE, did pop a nice Vintage Port, and even had a glass with wife's pecan pie (normally, I open a Porto Barros 20 Year Tawny, because of the nice "pecan" notes).


                                                        When it really heats up down here, I tend to do far fewer Ports, or even really big reds - I am usually reaching for a Sauvignon Blanc, or maybe a crisp Albariño (several allowed spellings, depending on within which country the grapes grew).


                                                        As for the '08 Bordeaux, I would hold for a bit. Personally, and from my tastings, I think they have more to offer, though compared to many vintages of Bdx., will not last for the decades. Because of the ageability of many Bdx. wines, I am just not buying them, as I will likely not live long enough to fully enjoy them, plus I have plenty of older Bdx. in my cellar, so they could well last my lifetime?



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                                                          Because of the ageability of many Bdx. wines, I am just not buying them, as I will likely not live long enough to fully enjoy them, plus I have plenty of older Bdx. in my cellar, so they could well last my lifetime?


                                                          can send some to the trout ranch.. for customers / visitors ... an xtra 'attraction' for guests to go there....good wine!


                                                          ( can see waitress asking guest, " would you like a nice Bdx. with your fresh trout, sir ? " )



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                                                            wow.. on pbs news hour ( a show that continues to drive me nuts with its decline re: integrity ) I just heard that there has been a new discovery of a " crab" that lives waaaay down in the ocean depths... that has hairy chests and hairy arms.. that 'grow bacteria'....

                                                            I'm watching show now to get the details ....but first I have to watch stuff about the Iowa thing.


                                                            When I think about hairy crabs ( arms and chests ) I think about peter sellers for some odd reason....


                                                            chic crabs must really dig that .... ???


                                                            this could put a crimp on the general male ( human males ...especially wrestlers and movie stars ) tendency to shave all hair off themselves and apply johhson's baby oil ???




                                                            oh... back to 'subject' ...re: fast food for editing... make sure you cook those crabs WELL ....

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                                                              darnit.. i was writing email to my state senator and missed the crab story.. what happened ? can we eat them ?


                                                              yum... i ate some crab cakes for breakfast this morning... from icelandic or something like that... microwave on high for 2 minutes covered... the perfect fast food for editing...add cocktail sauce.


                                                              cock and tail .... sauce... appeals to most people on a subliminal level .... IMO...


                                                              for me its the tail part.. but hey, friday is gay day in the film biz ...( IMO ) and mayor bloomberg tends to prove it 7 days a week !




                                                              no offense.. my best friend is gay


                                                              just kidding but it could be true


                                                              how would i know anyway? maybe i havent met the right wife yet.. 3 down but there are many fishes in the sea.... any chics feeling adventurous out there ??


                                                              edit... true story :


                                                              I was working on set of some stupid tv cop show ( i think it was law and order at chelsea piers but forget ) and sitting at a big 'conference table' with other crew members during a take. after the take we had to move to the room we were sitting in to shoot, and to do that we had to lower some bay lights etc which were above the big table .. so the room had to be cleared of people to do that ( dont wanna drop stuff on people etc ).

                                                              Soooo, the subject of this " new " movie ( brokeback mountain ) got brought up by some *** hags sitting at the table... chics who love gay guys in general for the spirit of the thing.. ( this is hollywood so theres no figuring out why this is true ) .. and one asked ME if I was gonna go watch the movie. Like go to a theater and watch this new movie.  This is starring the guy who killed himself like a week ago.... and everyone was sorta talking about this great new movie and the dead guy.

                                                              Being a grip etc.. and pretty old ... I looked at this young woman and there musta been something in my countenance that sobered her up or something...cause she looked away and giggled and changed the subject and then got out of the room when I said, " We're gonna lower the bay light, get out of the room ".


                                                              I never saw her again. The dead guy is still dead. The gay movie about cowboys is still a blockbuster. Life goes on , eh ?

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                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                When I think about hairy crabs ( arms and chests ) I think about peter sellers for some odd reason....


                                                                I thought about Robin Williams!



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                                                                  hehe...robin williams...yeah, i can see that... maybe wearing fake " glasses" that make his eyes look like they are on stalks....

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                                                                    OK.. my plan for today... re: fast food for editing....is a bit whacky.


                                                                    a) I have nothing to edit.

                                                                    b) I have no digestable food


                                                                    so the plan is to go around the corner and use the ATM machine and buy BEER ( ITS BEER THIRTY YIPPEE ! )

                                                                    Then ( after drinking as many coors lite beers as humanly possible in one afternoon ) see if the hard as a rock frozen hamburger meat is defrosted yet on my kitchen table... and then sorta play it by ear.


                                                                    the solution to the first problem ( nothing to edit ) is a situation in flux. I have written to ( email ) 17 directors of photography scattered throughout the world , asking if they have anything they can FTP me to edit.  Not a single one of them has responded but I expect I'll get a barrage of emails back soon.


                                                                    So anyway... even though Im not actually " editing" anything at the moment...which might be a good thing later on.. considering that after all those beers I'll probably get crazy ideas like... " add sound of beer can popping noise now " ...in the middle of some romantic scene...if you can think of how to make a frozen hamburger block of meat into something good... let me know !



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                                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                      We were sitting at lunch at the Four Seasons Maui a few years ago. Just as I was about to dive into my fish dish, a gentleman walked past, on his way to the private beach. He was only slightly overweight, but had a mat of long black hair on his back. I'd guess that it was 4" long, and so thick that one could NOT see any skin. I was known as "the werewold," but with blondish-reddish hair, look mild, compared to that gentleman. I have never observed anyone, with so much hair. Lost my appetite instantly. Now, if my hair was black, I might have had the same influence on others too, and especially if they were about to chow-down!


                                                                      Bon appetite!!!!



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                                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                        For #1 - Bogus!


                                                                        For #2 - Double Bogus!


                                                                        There was an experiment run at the University of Colorado, and their findings indicated that man can only live on Coors Lite (only) for about 4 days. Hope those hamburgers defrost!!!!!!



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                                                                          made my special meatloaf with tons of garlic and onions... mmmm.. also asparagus.


                                                                          another korda movie on .. shape of things to come... hehe...hg wells.




                                                                          some airplanes on strings... fun !

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                                                                            new discovery !


                                                                            fast food for editing often can be equated with fast food " in the wilderness ".  Hence, putting cans of food on manifold of car engine to heat up ... nutty ideas like that... they work, and its no nonsense good food ( chef boy-r-d ravioli for example... or some kinda chili ).


                                                                            of course you're not going run your car while editing, so you have to adapt... put the can on a radiator in room, dump into bowl and microwave... whatever...


                                                                            Last night I discovered you can take fresh Cod and use any left over shake and bake mix... and get pretty fast food FISH... like only about 15 minutes in oven !


                                                                            With the chicken shake and bake, it tastes like chicken... and fish.... sorta weird but good with some cocktail sauce.


                                                                            keep being creative about fast food for editing and you will find that creativity dovetails nicely into your work !


                                                                            One form of creativity feeds other forms of creativity... is my opinion...



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                                                                              Matt Dubuque Level 1

                                                                              I found that simply not eating really was a lousy approach while editing.


                                                                              So I seem to have settled on my current staples of avocado and sliced tomato sandwiches on a French roll, which I can prepare in just a few minutes.


                                                                              Very filling, cheep and it seems to work for me....



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                                                                                mmm, that sounds good....anything like that works IMO... fast food, lots of vitamins etc... and more than yogurt ( which I find disgusting )



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                                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                                  You know, I have been thinking about food in the edit-suite. Almost anything can drop crumbs on the keyboard, smear grease onto the mouse, etc..


                                                                                  Now, I think that the "answer" is right there, on many college campuses, and in sprots venues everywhere. The "beer hat!"


                                                                                  Just put all of your intended food (maybe a pork chop, sans bone, some fried chicken, creamed spinich, bing cherries, a chocolate bar, some potato chips, a small bag of Yoodles, some half-and-half, a power bar, a can of Red Bull, and anything else you have handy) into a processor, turn it to the Liquify setting for a bit, until you have a thin broth, adding liquid (beer?), as needed. Then, fill the containers on the hat with that mixture, place the beer hat on your head, and insert the straw(s) into your mouth. Sip as desired.



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                                                                                    Matt Dubuque Level 1



                                                                                    Not only is this incredibly useful, but the design is so elegant!  Chic......