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    trouble with push notification certs

    mobly Level 3

      Hi Guys

      I thought I had created the certificates OK but I'm getting tis error message.

      Can anyone tell me what might be causing the issue?

      Screen shot 2011-10-27 at 16.47.14.png

      I went to my App ID and created the aps_production_identity.cer file, and the dev version too.

      these were then imported to Keychain, and then exported as .p12 certs... is that correct?

      as you pay be able to see, the error message says "not finding expected label 'Apple Production IOS Push Services...


      Is there a guide to creating these anywhere?



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          mobly Level 3

          ah well, if it doesnt work at first, try, try and try again. Found Bob's latest documents, still noy sure what I did wrong! but now it works, dont think I was naming the file as "expected"

          Need to listen to my own advice ..... read the documents :-)

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            hello, sir.

            i'm running into this now... how did you fix it?


            please le tme know when you can.




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              Is there any more information on this error? I've been working with Adobe for more than two weeks (!) trying to fix this problem with my app. The certificates I'm generating are apparently valid (Adobe has been able to use the p12 on their end).


              I've revoked and regenerated these certificates so many times I've now lost count. I've created new users for my Mac to make new keys, I've even started fresh from a new Mac--same error on the production APNs certificate.


              Please DPS experts--help! Adobe CSRs are nice and have tried to be very helpful, but two weeks to have this problem with no solution is outrageous. Especially when you're paying monthly for Professional software


              Thanks for any help!

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                mobly Level 3

                Guys, I found I needed to be very specific the way I named the push cert's,

                sorry I'm in a huge rush today so dont have time to help more, but make sure you name the files as Apple ask.

                (if you havent already)

                good luck