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    AcroExch.App with Adobe Reader

    Daktor Community Member

      If a computer only has Adobe Reader installed, can an application running on that computer interact with a pdf document via OLE?  In particular, can an application on that computer use AcroExch.App and AcroExch.AVDoc objects?


      Example code:


      #import "acrobat.tlb" rename_namespace("ACROBAT"), auto_rename


      ACROBAT::CAcroAppPtr app("AcroExch.App");

      ACROBAT::CAcroAVDocPtr avDoc("AcroExch.AVDoc");
      ACROBAT::CAcroPDDocPtr pdDoc;


      avDoc->Open(TEXT("c:\\example.pdf"), TEXT(""));

      pdDoc = avDoc->GetPDDoc();


      Currently creating app gives error: Invalid class string