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        Howard Hoffman Level 1



        I have a message from Adobe developer saying it's fixed in Encore.  I am hoping we will get that as an update/patch.

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          HarpuaFSB Level 1

          Yeah, I read that in another thread.


          Unfortunately I can't wait around for a fix and will have to settle for VBR 1-Pass.


          Very disappointing.

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            johng12345 Level 1

            Hi Jeff,

            I know this may be off topic.

            In another post someone suggested I watch your video on converting HD to SD for authoring to a MPEG2-DVD using Premiere pro CS4. I have a project that has 720p and HDV video. I am using PP CS5 which is supposed to be able to handle both types in the same sequence. I am not getting very good results. I tried adapting as best I could your information to the project I am working on. Still I don't think the results are great. I viewed the resulting file on my computer. I have not tried to created a DVD of the files, yet if that will look better. I was thinking along your lines what if I converted the 720p footage to 1440x1080i instead of converting the footage to 720x480i and then convert the sequence to Mpeg2dvd?

            Do you have any videos on how to do this conversion. I know premiere CS5 has a Blu-ray 1440x1080i export setting but I don't know what settings I should use and if I should produce a mpeg2-Bluray file or an H.264 preliminary file to re-import into my HDV sequence?




            John Gerard

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              bertrenolds Level 1

              John, if you have hdv you shouldn't convert it down to 720p since you are losing tons of resolution, instead create a hdv project, 1440x1080i and then right click all of you 720p video clips that are in your timeline and select scale to frame size. Then I would suggest you export it to h.264 or h.264 blu-ray from premiere on the highest bitrate setting and then import it into encore and create a dvd by converting it in encore. I have no idea why so many people want to down code to dvd when blu-ray burners are so cheap these days. IMO you should export to h.264 and save the file on a data dvd using nero and make people watch it off the dvd on a computer if you don't have a blu-ray burner. Even 720p is gonna look crappy on dvd, face it mpeg2 needs to crawl away somewhere and die.


              And for converting since you sound confused use h.264 or h.264 blu-ray, do not use mpeg. And have the preset set to 1440x1080i high and then go and crank the target bit rate all the way up for little to no quality loss. You can also try dynamic link/send to encore if you have lots of computer memory, if your project is big it's gonna lag and not be fun if you lack memory.

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                johng12345 Level 1

                I've tried just about everything including creating a h.264 file and having Encode transcode the file. This still does not look very good. I have transcoded straight HDV footage to mpeg2-DVD And that looks great. I have created a bluray version of the mixed 720p and 1080i and that looks at least good quality. It just looks bad when I convert to DVD quality. I know you will say of course it will look bad because it is being scaled down to 720x480 res. but my 1440x1080i footage looks great which is also scaled down.



                John Gerard

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                  lightprism Level 1

                  In January an Adobe programmer said a patch was forthcoming for this inability to use 2-pass VBR in Encore.... any news as of almost April? Do we have to wait until NAB to hear?

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                    Howard Hoffman Level 1

                    Do you know who said so?


                    The developer who responded to me only said it's being fixed.  I just checked with him yesterday that he said my sample works now in the pre-release build.


                    I've given up on Adobe to release patches.  They don't care.

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                      lightprism Level 1

                      Howard - I was referring to your earlier Jan post about an Adobe employee telling you that this problem was being corrected. I have nothing more than what you posted. It is strange because there are several Adobe TV training tutorials telling us how to make our own custom Blu-ray encoding settings, but then what is the point if you cannot actually use them in burning... seems like there is a disconnect somewhere. I suspect its something we users are messing up? Why would they go thru the trouble of training us to do something that has a failed end-result of not being able to burn to disc. But it seems you have worked this out pretty hard and were not able to make it successful.


                      And I also don't understand the lack of feedback from Adobe on this issue - they have defiinitely changed since I used Premiere 6.0 and are very open, vocal, and responsive.

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                        Howard Hoffman Level 1

                        I asked if it can be made a patch but no one confirmed.  On lack of feedback, you can read the thread about CS6 and see how people responded there.

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