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    How do I convert an html design web site to CSS template and layout?


      Good Morning, All!

      How can I convert, apply, or change, efficiently, my html web pages into a CSS template so I don’t have to change each page every time I add something to the main page…also, I currently have two tables (I know, old-fashioned) one which holds my list of contents and links to the different sections (page) with information from the community on the website. The other table holds my text and pictures which I want to update daily. How can I change the format to a 2 column, liquid layout with a masthead area on top for logo and text with a box around it. Time was not available for me to learn all the details of my new Dreamweaver program so I did what I knew and uploaded it with all the boo-boos, inactive links and non-existant pages.


      Now I have the time to focus and want to get it done better so that it is easy to update with new text and features daily. (I am converting my printed newspaper to an online version after 17 plus years and trying to learn the new Adobe Premium Design Suite CS5 programs. What a trip this is at 61-years-old!


      My community and readership are looking forward to the web site according to a survey I took. They are very tolerant about my boo-boos while I learn the new software for the web design. I’ve let them know, through my newspaper and personally (I am very active in the community), that online is where I am going and all that I’ve spoken to, or who have sent emails, are very supportive and look forward to getting their news from my web site newspaper.)


      I am seeking some guidance...I know a little about a lot, but not a lot about anything...even though I've been working with computers since 1983.

      I thank you all in advance for whatever help you can give.