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    how to add indent to here tab in the string


      hello friends,


      i want insert SpecialCharacters.INDENT_HERE_TAB; into the string object, how can i insert.

      my javascript code is as follows,


      function (commentText,authorQueryTextFrame,queryNumber) {

            //queryNumber and commentText are of string type and authorQueryTextFrame is textframe object.


            var commentText=commentText.replace("[AU:",queryNumber + "\t");


            // i want to insert SpecialCharacters.INDENT_HERE_TAB after "\t",but it will added a number into the string.

             var str = queryNumber + "\t";




             commentText= commentText +"\r";


             authorQueryTextFrame.contents += commentText;


             var lastPara =  authorQueryTextFrame.paragraphs.lastItem();


             lastPara.appliedParagraphStyle = "Author Query Text";



      will u tell me the rigth way to add this.