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    rajesh11 Level 1
      Wondering if kuler could have also add Phi relationships.
      A program called PhiBar can be found here:

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Interesting, thanks for the post. I'll share it with the team. Are you using these now for your work? What kind of work do you do with color?
          Is anyone else out there using these Phi relationships?
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            3ABNPublishing Level 1
            Never heard of it before, but it would be interesting to see a selection of examples of its use (I can't test it, as the download at this link is a Windows app, and I'm on a Mac). It's hard to say much from the two examples on the site. And it would be interesting to see what would happen if the math was extrapolated to create 5 colors instead of just 3.
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              I am Dr. Michael Semprevivo, I am the creator of the original PhiBar software which your product was derived from.

              PhiBar was created not for profit as part of my research work in the harmonic relationships of Phi in the color

              spectrum. There were many thousands of mails asking me to add the functionality for entering colors etc. this

              was never in my interest as I was not seeking to make any money from this, it was merely the tool made to show

              my work.


              What the folks here at Adobe have done is to do the exact same thing but with the more common colorwheel and

              base geometry (tri, quad, penta and hexagrams etc...) which are known to produce harmonic sets, and are long

              available in may paint softwares. They left out the Phi functionality, with good reason as it does state clearly at

              the only download location for PhiBar that it is free for non-commercial use. It has been for over 10 years.


              Now I know that any good artist who has studied the golden mean, or phi in the great masters works like DaVinci,

              this tool for choosing phi-harmoic colorsets is invaluable. I would with this post like to offer free permission for
              Adobe to use my work and add a phi set to this wonderful tool. I can offer assistance by supplying the original VB

              script if I still have it, and if not I can explain the formula used for it and how to make it work with the Kuler interface



              I am not interested in any financial compensation for this, but at least a credit for my work would be appreciated.


              Warmest regards,

              Dr. Michael Semprevivo

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                David__B Adobe Employee

                Thank you Dr. Semprevivo,


                I'll share your feedback with the product team




                Created idea for the the topic here: