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    Zynga games crashes flash player


      Has anyone had any problems with flash player crashing while playing Zynga games on facebook?  Everytime I try to play a Zynga game, flash player crashes.  I have contacted Zynga, but they tell me it's a problem with my computer.  I have cleared out all cache (java, flash, etc), history, ran my antivirus program, have my computer, including flash player and other programs completely updated, I have even tried shutting down all non-essential programs and processes and have just Chrome (I usuallyuse chrome, but have had this issue with other browsers) open with one tab and try playing Zynga games, yet flash player crashes. The funny thing is, I can come on to the computer, have several programs running, numerous tabs open and play any other game online, both in facebook or on other sites and not have one issue with flash player. I know that there are many other people out there that are have the same problem.  In my last email from Zynga support they said:



      "Just like any applications in the market, it's performance depends on what kind and number of programs that are running in your computer. For additional information, I'm sure that they have a self-support site that might answer your questions."


      Zynga hasn't got a clue why this is happening (not a surprise to me considering it is Zynga).  Essentially they are saying it is either my computer's fault or a fault of Flash Player.  If that were the case, I would imagine that I would have flash player crashes with most of my other programs or games.  The same if it were an issues with flash player.


      Can anyone please help me fix this problem?