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    Large Custom Electronic Library Creation

    gregatodt Level 1

      I am creating a library of technical documents for a customer.  Currently using Adobe Pro.  A single adobe document is the library and it is bookmarked.  The bookmarks form the Contents, and the contents are used to navigate to the desired document.

      The library document is a compilation of Word documents, jpegs, spreadsheets, and other pdf documents.

      There are currently 23000 pages in the document and its size is approximately 500M.

      Unsurprisingly the library document is now fairly slow to navigate, and requires a late model PC to be able to add additional documents to.

      Question: other than sharepoint, is there an alternative off-the-shelf mechanism for library creation, which can be used for a library of this size?  It appears that there needs to be an overarching program which will work with multiple files rather than combining into one file.

      Thank you, Greg

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Long before SharePoint people created libraries with links between documents on network drives, web sites, and CD-ROMs and for smaller libraries on floppy disks.


          If you plan on moving the library you should use relative links and understand how they work and keeping the directory structure from the lowest common directory intact.


          I have linked networked interlinked documents to a web page and moved it to SharePoint. Well over 1,000 documents in Word, Excel, and PDF formats.