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    Why does my photo linger on?

    jgreeson Level 1

      Hi group;


        I've been working on a documentary for about a year and am close to wrapping it up.  I've encountered a really frustrating issue though.  I have a lot of photos, most run thru Photoshop to size them appropriately and so forth.  In the main the photos are working just fine. 


      There are two spots however where I need the image to cut off precisely with a cue in the underlying music.  In the CS5 Timeline this works great and is not a problem.  However, twice recently I have rendered the film to put it on DVD to get critiques from colleagues and both of these photos last well beyond the music cue, by nearly a full second.  I rechecked the timeline after seeing this and it is still as it should be.


        What is going on here and how can I fix it? 


      BTW, the timeline is 1920x1080 29.97; and one of the renders was to H264 VimeoHD format,  The other render attempt was to MPEG II for a standard def DVD.


      Thanks for any suggestions...


      - Jim G