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    download pricing/counts

    DPS_pro_publisher Level 1

      When creating a multiple issue app.

      You pay Adobe for downloads


      Does the download of the App (container) count as a download in Adobes terms

      Or is it only when content for the App is downloaded, it counts as a download?

      Also does updates of content counts as downloads?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The app itself is hosted by Apple, but you must allow for free content or Apple will reject it.




          It’s doubtful that anyone downloading your app is not going to take advantage of that free issue so while the app itself won’t count for anything, that free content will.





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            DPS_pro_publisher Level 1

            Thank you so much

            Sure, I just needed to be 100 percent of the counts of downloads!

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              I have 2 related questions.


              1) In a multi-folio app, If the customer downloads the folio a second or third time, either because he/she is on a different device, or because they clicked the Archive button, and a month later want to view it again -- do all those actions count as a download aginst the downloads you have purchased or have allotted in the first year?


              2) Do downloads via adobe.com for shared folios being reviewed by the development team count

              the downloads you have purchased or have allotted in the first year?

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                Himanshusingh10 Employee Moderator

                1. If any user archives the Folio or downloads a new folio in the App, it would count as a new Folio Download and would be deducted from your Folio Download balance.

                2. Only folios which are published to distribution server when downloaded are counted and deducted from your downloads balance. If a folio on Acrobat.com (One with Blue Ribbon) is shared and downloaded, it does not count in your folio downloads. If you download a publish folio (One without the blue ribbon) while testing in Content viewer, it will count as a Folio Download from your account.

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                  keithGSR3 Level 1

                  Is there a way to disable the archive button or restrict the number of times download can be used? It's a very, very stupid thing to have a button like that in such a prominent position in the interface. Can we at least limit users usage of the button?


                  We are selling educational products to children to be used in a clasroom environment. We might be using multi-folio apps but may have to stick with self contained book apps.

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                    Alo Lohrii Adobe Employee

                    There's no way to control the archive button anywhere in the process of developing the app. By design the archive button appears on all issues that's downloaded and make sense for the end user to have the button. In order to archive and delete older issues and free up memory on the device.


                    If you wish to limit users from downloading a particular issue, the only way is to un-publish and take down so the issue/folio doesn't appear in your viewer.

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                      keithGSR3 Level 1

                      So every time a user presses archive and download again it costs me $.30 cents? That's not what the sales rep told me - it was 30 cents for the fullfilment of a folio to a buyer. The archive looks like a convenient feature of the app inviting someone to use it, and when the user presses Archive it tells him "...he may download it again for free anytime" - but it's actually not free - it's costing me 30 cents everytime he does it. That throws off the profitability model entirely.


                      Why can't I set a cap and/or require the user to pay after a certain number of downloads, change the wording, or just disabling this confusing function altogether. Not all of us on DPS are publishing throw-away magazines and time dated content. I can't just "...unpublish the folio"!!! Many of us are publishing reference and educational content, resources, catalogs, reports, etc. I don't wan't them to archive and download again. There have been numerous posts on the confusion of the archive button. Why can't simple, common sense things like this be implemented?

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                        keithGSR3 Level 1

                        I made a formal feature request and hope that Adobe staff will consider and approve the feature. Text is below


                        Adobe Feature Request - Pro Edition


                        Brief title for your desired feature:

                        1) Provide the ability to disable the Archive Button and prevent repetitive downloads -- (or further control how it is used)


                        How would you like the feature to work?

                        We need the ability to disable the "Archive" button in multi-folio apps or otherwise control it's use so that customers do not abuse it, and cost us unnecessary expense. I was assured by the DPS Pro sales person that we would be charged only one download per user/folio purchase and we calculated that in to our business model, but staff told me in the forum recently that every time the user clicks "Archive" and then downloads it again we are charged for a download.

                             The problem is further compounded by the fact that when a user clicks the Archive button, they are told in the dialog box that they can download the folio again FREE of charge. This is terribly unfair because really, it invites them to use it like a convenient feature but it costs me every time I use it.

                             We are not selling time dated periodicals like the initial base of many DPS user.  We are using the multi folio app to bundle and sell related publications, catalogs, and educational materials. Our publications have a very long usable life and we do not want our users to archive or delete anything.


                        One alternate solution is to limit the number of times a user may download a folio, then they have to go back and purchase additional downloads.


                        Another problem is that multi-folio apps are the only way to put publications on the Android the edition. 


                        Please consider our request.