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    brush tip preference


      using mac OS 10.6.8 with CS5 Xtnd: I don't get it! When I first began using this app (and I've spent much time swearing at it with no result) and until recently and in either normal or full size mode showing xhairs and whether I use as paint or erase the effect is always considerably less than the diameter of the tip. What is with this? I require a tip that goes right to the edge of what is supposed to be the tip....as it is there is abolutely nothing precise about this. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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          Herugrim123 Level 1

          It sounds like you are using a brush with less than 100% hardeness. open your brush tip shape picker ( the icon above your layers panel with the box with 3 brushes sticking out of it ). Select the "brush tip shape option and drag the "Hardenss" slider all the way to the right ( 100% ). Then try again...

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            jpierre33 Level 1

            negative on that - hardness most assuredly at 100%; been using photoshop for years now, nothing like this has ever popped

            up b4. Used camera to take screen shot since moving cursor to get screenshot otherwise does not leave the brush diameter on screen, obviously.





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              jpierre33 Level 1

              thanks for the try Herugrim; what I found was to be an operating system (OSX6.8) preference where I had chosen to increase my cursor size. What this did was give me a false brush size, increasing the diameter as per the cursor but without the brush tool following that lead - correctly so I would think. So perhaps a slight adjustment in the software could make this tool adaptable to variable cursor size.

              However, having now found a solution to this episode, I am still stuck with a stroke function (tool) that does not behave propoerly - see stroke discussion. cheers

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                Herugrim123 Level 1

                No problems. I am a windows user so cannot help you with  OS problem but the Adobe guys on here should take an interest in trying to replicate ( and solve ! ) the problem which I believe JJMACK and PECourtejoie are doing. I remember about a year ago on here someone had a problem ( which many

                others also had ) on a really old machine. It went on for weeks until the guys at Adobe sourced exactly the same machine and installed the same software etc, etc and eventually solved the problem. Fair dues to them.





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                  eileendigi Level 1

                  Jpierre33, I am havin the same problem on my Macs. Running lion operating system on two computers with PSE 9 and having the brush size problem on only one of them with all settings the same on both. Very strange and annoying!  Was on the forum yesterday with two people trying to help to no avail. if you find a solution I would love to hear about it.

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                    Much thanks to R_Kelly. This fixed the problem. It was really driving us crazy!!!


                    The cursor was not set to normal causing this issue.


                    Simply it is in System Preferences / Universal access then the mouse or mouse/trackpad tab. Set cursor to normal.


                    Here is a link with instructions on how to find this in OSX.



                    http://etc.usf.edu/techease/4all/vision/how-do-i-increase-the-size-of-the-cursor-in-mac-os -x/


                    Thanks again..

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                      TRACERSTEVE Level 1

                      Check this out.

                      Simply it is in System Preferences / Universal access then the mouse or mouse/trackpad tab. Set cursor to normal.


                      http://etc.usf.edu/techease/4all/vision/how-do-i-increase-the-size-of- the-cursor-in-mac-os-x/