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    scorm problem



      1. I have just creater SCROM package in Captivate 5.0, now i need to copy this package to my app, and i need to collect answers from users in this scorm package with is a quiz....


      but how? how to run script , in every clicked 'next' by user, read selected value and save to DB? Is any API or default soultion?


      And next question is:


      2. I configured internal server, but i dont want do show dialog box after finished quiz, i just want to send quiz answers "under". Is any possibility of that?



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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          Do you understand the concept of SCORM?

          http://scorm.com may be a good place to start if not.

          I ask because the only reason creating a SCORM-compliant project is helpful is if you have a SCORM-compliant LMS (learning management system) to load it published project into and launch from.

          Do you have an LMS?


          If not, you can still use Captivate but with a different tracking approach - like to an Acrobat.com account, for example.


          If you do have an LMS, then as long as you've setup the SCORM values and the interactions properly, you shouldn't have to do much else - when you launch the lesson from the LMS, that Captivate lesson will automatically track various values back to the LMS.... BUT it won't just track anything - SCORM has a limited set of standard values it will record to an LMS (ie status, score, etc).


          For the second part, what sort of 'internal server' did you configure? What 'dialog box' are you referring to?

          Hope that helps!

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            big_shoes_big Level 1


            first thank You for answer!


            Yes i have my LMS(my own), and I already know the basic, but I cant find any good documentation, or tutorial, how to GET this values from SCORM projects, is any good, simple solution in internet??


            I just did some work, and I prepared SCORM2004 , and by LMS connection i read:


            SetValue: paremter_1=cmi.success_status | parameter_2=passed

            SetValue: paremter_1=cmi.completion_status | parameter_2=completed

            SetValue: paremter_1=cmi.location | parameter_2=5

            SetValue: paremter_1=cmi.session_time | parameter_2=PT0H1M6S



            but i want see more, 4 ex.




            but this is not appers, soo, i think this should depends what parameters i will set when I'm creating a SCORM package but, wathever i set Pass/Fall Complete/Incomplete , Score, or Percent Quiz Res Olny....etc.. ARE ALWAYS THE SAME STATUSES, so how to get new ones.??



            THX 4 answers!!!