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    need a new digital camera - advice, please?

    angelalien548 Level 1

      My DX6490 Kodak digital camera started behaving erratically today when I was out taking pictures. This is the second time this occurred (the first time i happened was July 1, 2010), I got this camera brand-new in early August 2004 - so I believe its time for me to get a new digital camera.


      Here are the things I hate about my current digital camera -


      - doesn't take very good pictures in low light (dusk, dimly-lit places),

      - I have to wait several seconds between shots and I often miss a good action shot (when using sport mode),

      - have problems taking close ups, even in close up mode - camera will not accept close up nor wide angle lenses, etc.,

      - I have to really back up far away from the subject I'm photographing just to get all of the surrounding area in the view finder when snapping a picture - sometimes this is awkward or inconvenient,

      - sometimes when taking pictures of people using flash the people in front (closest to camera) are too light, people in middle lit normally, but people in back (farthest from camera) are too dark,

      - camera doesn't focus very well in natural indoor light (like in a shopping mall, etc.) resulting in blurry pictures, pictures tend to be blurry even when using PASM mode without a flash;


      ok, now for the things I like about my current digital camera -


      - it allows me to photograph moving subjects (like kids running around during a basketball game) very clearly (it freezes the movement of the basketball players, resulting in clear, crisp still photos of the players when using sport mode (and the flash),

      - the camera is lightweight, compact so I can hold it in one hand and just aim and shoot the subject (while using sport mode),

      - the batteries (I have 3 of them) are infinitely rechargeable,

      - the camera is 4 mega pixel.


      so I'd like a recommendation of the latest digital cameras that have all of the things I like about my digital camera and none of the things I hate about it, such as, I want a camera that -


      - is lightweight/compact, can hold it in one hand, aim and shoot in sport mode using one hand,

      - accepts wide angle, telephoto, macro, close-up lenses,

      - with a flash that illuminates a group of people (closest to/middle/farthest from camera) evenly,

      - accepts the current batteries that I'm now using with my DX6490 Kodak digital camera,

      - focuses very well when taking pictures in natural light (such as in a store, restaurant, or shopping mall, etc) resulting in clear, crisp photos, not too dark when not using the flash,

      - which I can snap, snap, snap, continuously by pressing the shutter button repeatedly at every setting/mode that I'm using, resulting in clear, crisp photos without having to wait several seconds until the camera resets/reboots (as in the case with my DX 6490 Kodak) and missing a good shot that I want regardless of whether I'm using a flash or not,

      - takes superb pictures in low light (dusk, dimly-lit places),

      - accepts the current memory cards (SanDisk/SD) that I'm using now.


      Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.


      Thanks in advance.


      My budget is approx. $300 - $400, but if I can get a camera that has all the features that I'm looking for cheaper the cost, so be it.