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    Porting CS4 to CS5 in java




      In my company we want to switch from CS4 server to CS5 server.


      We use java to talk to our server, so currently we use indesignserverapi.jar and snippets.jar for CS4.


      When I open the project (e.g. in eclipse) I tried to put the indesignserverapi.jar and snippers.jar for CS5 in the classpath.


      I saw a few compile errors due to methods that were renamed, but I could replace those method calls with other calls since only the 'name' of it seemed to have changed in the new jar.


      Now my question is:


      I (think) I ported my java code to be compatible with CS5. So normally when i build my code and put it on the server it should work correctly.


      But will it work when I put my ported CS5 code on a server that still runs CS4??


      Will it be backwards compatible?


      And if not, do have to maintain multiple version or are there other solutions to have 1 version and still be backwards compatible?


      Kind regards,