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    Adobe PDF Link Helper is missing


      Adobe PDF Link Helper is missing from a user's browser. It is not disabled - just not there


      How do I get it back?



      Adobe Reader 9

      Nuance Converter




      Please and thanks.

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          geekcrazy Level 1

          I updated Adobe Reader to the latest and it still did not get loaded in the browser..

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            Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

            Could you please let me know what exactly is it that you mean when you say that "Adobe PDF Link Helper is missing". I wasnt able to understand what did you mean by a link helper.




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              geekcrazy Level 1

              Screenshot_1-11-2012 10.21.53 AM.jpg


              I have resolved the problem myself. Apparently Adobe Reader doesn't work with IE 64bit. Once I opened IE 32bit the plugin (see above) was there [and disabled], but NOT in the 64bit version - it didn't even show it as disabled in the 64bit version, it just wasn't there.

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                I have a similar configuration:


                Reader 10.1.3.



                If I bring up the 32 bit IE9, and look in the add-ons I see a Adobe Acrobat SharePoint Open Doc Component as well as the PDF Link Helper.  Neither appear in the list of Add-ons for the 64 bit IE9.


                What do these add-ons do?  Is it used to display pdf files within a browser? or to launch Acrobat reader in response to clicking on a pdf doc on a SharePoint library?


                The SharePoint/Acrobat interface was not working on my machinie and now it is.  It is not working for a co-worker and the one difference I have found so far is she does not have the Adobe Acrobat SharePoint open doc component and I do (in 32 bit only).  So 2nd question:  How do we force that add-on for her browser?

                3rd question: Are there 64 bit versions available?

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                  geekcrazy Level 1

                  What do these add-ons do?  It is used to display pdf files within a browser


                  .... so do you now actually see the PDF Link Helper in 64bit IE9?


                  Also, I don't think there are 64bit versions available.....

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                    eric@doble Level 1

                    I do not see either PDF Link Helper or                Adobe Acrobat SharePoint Open Documents Component in 64 bit IE9.  I see them both in the 32 bit version.  Are they both for displaying in a browser?  The root issue I am trying to solve is getting the SharePoint 2010 Acrobat X integration to work,  The original symptom was that a user would check out a pdf  file from a SharePoint library, edit it (using the comment feature in Reader) and then Save or Check In.  Either action would result in a Cannot Access the Network error.  Looking at the HTML traffic in Fiddler showed the error text had nothing to do with the problem, which seemed to be about attribute values.  Anyway, I put this on the back burner for a couple months and returned to it recently.  It now works on my machine in a 32 bit browser.  (ACCEPTABLE RESTRICTION).    My coworker still gets the original error.  I poked around and found the SharePoint Open Documents add-on on my machine and not hers and suspect it has something to do with the difference in behavior.  So I am trying to find out what it is supposed to do and if it really is relevant, how to cause it to be downloaded on other people’s machines.  I have been through the server configuration steps listed in Chapter 13 of the Acrobat Admin Guide.