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    Web Content overlay crashing! Help?

    thebethjoseph Level 1

      Everytime I try to use the Web Content overlay, InDesign CS 5.5 crashes. Working in Mac OS 10.6.8, for what it's worth.


      I have a local html file that should display an RSS feed. When I try to bring it into my InDesign file with the Web Content overlay, everything seems fine until I try to save or preview; that's when InDesign spins and spins and spins until it crashes. I've tried much simpler html (just a black box that should appear on the screen) just to test, but it still won't work.


      Here are my steps:

      1. Create local html file and test in browser. No problems.

      2. Within InDesign document, create bounding box to exact size or larger of what the html file will take up. No problems.

      3. Using the Web Content overlay, choose my local html file to go in the box. Autoplay on. No problems.

      4. Preview or save. CRASH.


      Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else having this issue? Help?