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    Path to Images and links changing when pasted


      goLive 8.01. MAC OS 10.6.8


      Within a site I was able to drag an image from one page to another and golive would automaticly give it the right path (ie: ../home/photo/123009/6108.jpg).


      About three weeks ago, now when i preform this same action, the image would paste with the right path (ie: ../home/photo/123009/6108.jpg) but upon saving, closing and reopening the page, the path would have been changed (ie: ../../../../../ web/ sites/mysite.org/mysite/home/photo/123009/6108.jpg) and a question mark replaces the image.


      I have tried everything I know to get it back the old way, but can't find the setting for this. I maintaine half a dozen websites and this is occuring in all of them, so it appears to be in the programs settings. I even tried reinstalling golive and replaceing all preference files from an external bootable HD where this link change thing wasn't occuring, but it didn't help. "Make New Links Absolute" is NOT checked.


      PLEASE, if anyone knows what's going on here...